A Winter Night

The first weekend of March has begun on a very snowy, very frigid note. Overnight, five inches of snow, which served as the vanguard of bitter cold temperatures. Much of today has been in the single digits above zero. Tonight, temperatures are expected to drop into the single digits below zero with an additional inch, or two, of snow. Also, a dense fog has begun to roll in, making for an extra cold night.

While it may be bitter cold outdoors, inside, it’s been warm and cozy with a nice fire in the hearth. And, the furries taking turns napping in its warmth.

Tonight, it’s another log, or three, in the fire. Dinner, slower cooker BBQ chicken and ice cream for dessert.


Arctic Week South

Not the latest offering on The Discovery Channel. Nor, The Weather Channel. But, from the Arctic North.

Beginning in the pre-dawn hours on Monday, a new deposit of snow and freezing fog, accompanied by bitter cold temperatures, it came.

hoar frost with a covering of snow (North Ranch, Feb 18 2019)

Daytime temperatures did not venture much above 20° F/-7° C, overnights hovering around 0° F/-18° C. The snow part was repeated again on Tuesday evening into Wednesday.

snow on the tall cottonwoods (North Ranch, Feb 20 2019)

On Thursday, the bitter cold relented, edging temperatures upward into the 30s during the day, mid-teens during the overnight. Friday was nice enough, though a major winter storm was bringing heavy snow across the Four Corners. Flagstaff set a new snowfall record on Thursday. In Southwest Colorado, nearly 30 inches fell from Wolf Creek Pass to areas surrounding Durango. With additional snow continuing into Friday night, authorities in Durango urged residents to rake the moisture-laden snow from their roofs.

In the late afternoon, on Friday, the storm front could be seen coming from the southwest. The snow did not begin to fall in earnest until shortly after 8:30 pm last night. The winter conditions quickly deteriorated with the wind driving the snow. Fortunately, Laurie and Andrea got home minutes before the weather worsened.

white-out conditions (North Ranch, Feb 22 2019)

The early morning revealed a new layer of snow, approximately 2-3 inches deep. Not a whole lot. And, the cold, very tolerable at 26° F/-3° C.

dried wildflowers and foxtail poking through the fresh snow (North Ranch, Feb 23 2019)

Arctic Week is now headed to the Upper Midwest as a major blizzard with significant snowfall amounts.

North Ranch: Winter Morning

A winter morning.

woods and cottages in winter white

A new day begins at North Ranch, with a fresh snowy mantle and crystal clear skies. The brisk temperature is noted before starting the day’s work.

Occasionally, the wildlife will make an appearance later in the day. They are well accustomed to the snow and cold, and well experienced in foraging.

passing through: deer on a snow-covered trail

Snow Day

With the 2017 MLB season beginning, it is very appropriate to have challenging springtime weather. (The Rockies’ home opener is Friday, April 7.)

snow-covered: in the neighborhood (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

tree-bending snow: winter white (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

measuring the snow: 6+ inches (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

The snow ended in the late morning, followed by partial clearing in the early afternoon. With temperatures climbing into the mid-40s, the melt off began in earnest.

snow free feeder, nearly dry street (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

In the forecast, sunny and warmer (nearly 70) by Friday.

On Christmas Eve

A calmness and quiet has descended on this Christmas Eve. It is a day we’ve enjoyed very much with sounds of laughter, and sounds of quieter moments. It is a day when worries and concerns are set aside. In waiting for Christmas, our anticipation is much like a child’s.

Tonight, it’ll be an early dinner followed by a small part in the musical program at one of the larger, local evangelical churches. Though we are not evangelical by persuasion, anytime there is a chance to sing praise to God, it is taken. Andrea will be one of the featured vocalists. She’ll be doing “In The Bleak of Mid-Winter” and  “Beautiful Seed“. I will accompany her on piano and keyboard.

From our home to yours, may you have a Blessed Christmas.


Notes –

A video performance of “In The Bleak of Mid-Winter” by Corrinne May can be seen here. Also, the video performance of “Beautiful Seed” by Corrinne May can be seen here.

For more information on Corrinne May, please visit her site here.

Waiting On Christmas


It is Christmas Eve, all the hurry is over. Watching our daughters ride their horses, enjoying themselves completes the day. It is the way life should be, where worries and concerns slip away. When the cold of the day is replaced by the warmth of love.

Tonight, it will be grilling, gifts and cheer. And, may be a song.

To all of our friends and readers, my family and I would like to offer our best wishes for a blessed Christmas.