Snow Day

With the 2017 MLB season beginning, it is very appropriate to have challenging springtime weather. (The Rockies’ home opener is Friday, April 7.)

snow-covered: in the neighborhood (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

tree-bending snow: winter white (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

measuring the snow: 6+ inches (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

The snow ended in the late morning, followed by partial clearing in the early afternoon. With temperatures climbing into the mid-40s, the melt off began in earnest.

snow free feeder, nearly dry street (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

In the forecast, sunny and warmer (nearly 70) by Friday.



Winter returned overnight, bringing with it freezing drizzle and fog and much colder temperatures. After depositing a veneer of ice, it has been mix of light snow and fog since then. The snow hasn’t been overwhelming, leaving only a dusting.

cold conditions: a light dusting but no birdies

It must be cold. The local groundhog, residing at the zoo, didn’t bother to check for his shadow. Perhaps he remained in his burrow where it is warm. Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, has predicted another six weeks of winter – which interestingly coincides with the arrival of the spring in six weeks.

Today’s brush with winter is a one-day affair. By the weekend, it’ll be sunny with temperatures warming back into the 50s and 60s.

Easy Winter Sunday

It was a very early start today with the girls having a groom session with their horses. The early start was necessitated with a winter storm/blizzard beginning later today and tonight. It was snowing fairly heavily when we arrived at the JN Ranch shortly after 5:30 am. Amanda was feeding the horses, hers and ours, their breakfast of premium hay and rolled oats.

With six inches of snow on the ground, there was no plan of letting any horse onto the paddock. Exercise time would consist of walking the horses back and forth the length of Amanda’s barn several times. The more wooly ranch horses, however, they’re a different case. But, they also have a roof attached to their barn.

seen from Amanda’s barn, ranch horses stand next to their barn under the “patio” roof

The horses enjoyed their morning of pampering. Each received a nice brushing, a cleaned stall and fresh bedding, and a fresh horse blanket. Better yet, they had treats of apples and carrots.

Before coming home, Amanda treated us with hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows. A cookie-lover, Amanda didn’t have any cookies on hand. The best she could offer was PB&J sandwiches or pancakes. The hot chocolate was more than enough.

Since coming home, it’s been a slow afternoon. The girls have checked the campus web site a couple times, no delayed start or snow day cancellation just yet.



For those who have adopted named storms not of the tropical variety, The Weather Channel has dubbed this winter storm/blizzard as “Kayla”. Nice name, but we don’t know anyone named “Kayla”.

April White

Just because the calendar says April, it doesn’t mean winter is over. While the forecast called for 1-3 inches last night, we received 6-7 inches instead.




The snow, though, is the good kind – the heavy, wet kind. However, it’s the type of snow that challenges trees and utility lines.




It’s also the kind of snow that brings interesting patterns.


Tomorrow, this snow will be long forgotten. Melted away, until the next snowfall.

Easy Like Sunday

A rather quiet Sunday, cloaked in winter white.







There was very little stirring this morning. Even attendance at Sunday morning Mass was a bit thin. Perhaps it was the cold temperature. Perhaps it was thin veneer of ice under the dusting of snow. But with the sun breaking out around noon, an afternoon of winter horse riding suddenly appeared on the schedule. It was also nature’s way of shooing four people out of the house while someone makes their marinara sauce for tonight’s dinner.