The seasonal change in action.

clouds of spring and summer, cumulus-nimbus kind


trees beginning to set leaf buds


robin visitors


trash in the trees


The unwelcomed change in season, Red Flag Warnings, the presence of extreme fire conditions.



It’s like it hadn’t snowed a scant 10 days ago. The wind, accompanying a cold front, picked up the dust, whipping it here and there.





Quick changes in weather truly defines Colorado, and it doesn’t take much for our semi-arid climate to dry things very rapidly. We’ve had days in the winter, with snow on the ground, and yet have extreme fire conditions. Fortunately when this round of blowing dust happened on Sunday, we had just returned home. Though already gritty from a morning training session, my daughters would have been coated with another layer of gritty dust.

And, yes, whenever you see dust like this, the late 1970’s song by Kansas, “Dust In The Wind“, comes to mind.