Seven: The Gotcha Day

On a bitter cold morning, the meeting was set.

It had taken a while to set the meet-up after the initial contact. In the interim, we looked at other Siamese. After waiting nearly four weeks, the meeting was on. Since she was still a baby kitten, we asked Rob if he had another, like a tabby, available. If he did, we would take both.

Pinky and Susie (Dec 21 2011)

We met Rob, a foster with Colorado 9Lives, at the PetSmart where they hold their weekly adoption fairs. Inside the kennel area, Rob talked cats, his, ours, and the six fosters he and his wife were overseeing. He introduced us to Susie, then Pinky and lastly Sammy. Rob said Susie and Pinky, littermates, played with each other. I said we’d take both. It made sense to have both. If they belonged to a trio, we would’ve likely brought the trio home.

After adjusting by themselves for a few days, they were ready on their fourth day to mix with Egypt and the Musketeers. The hiss and growl factor was a non-factor. Susie and Pinky explored, played, napped, slept.

Pinky (Oct 2018)

Susie (Oct 2018)

The seven years have slipped by all too quickly. It seems like it has only been weeks. They have grown up so nicely. Susie has become a lovebug; Pinky, the likely #1 cat.

We thank Colorado 9Lives for keeping our babies safe.


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!

They have grown up much too quickly. They are still very much the babies of our family.

Miss Pinky

Miss Susie

Today, they are seven. To celebrate their day on Easter Sunday makes it extra special. Ever so perfect in their loving.

Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!

It seems not long ago Miss Susie and Miss Pinky, and their littermates were born. They began their lives in rather humble and difficult surroundings. Through kindness, and a little good fortune, they made their way into feline rescue. “The rest,” it is said, “is history.”

Becoming six, Susie and Pinky, are lots of fun. They are loving and loyal.

favorite chair and perch: Miss Pinky

baby quilt time: Miss Susie

the sunny side: Miss Susie

watching for cats: Miss Pinky

suncatching: Miss Pinky

suncatching: Miss Susie


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!


Five: The Gotcha Day

Time flies“, so goes the saying.

It is very true in our case as today marks five years when Miss Susie Q and Miss Pinky came to live with us, in their forever home. The first to greet the pair of littermates was Miss Egypt.

They stayed in the master bedroom, mostly under the bed, for three days and two nights. With everyone tucked in bed on the third night, Susie and Pinky were given run of the house. On that night, they ventured out to check things. It must not have been too bad after seeing the toy basket, toys under the futon couch, and Egypt’s Fire Chief helmet.

After four days, they were fully integrated. The hissing was largely over, and the acceptance process in full gear.



window watch: Pinky and Susie sizing up the neighborhood

kitchen dining: Midnight heads out after eating her dinner while the others finish

They’ve been absolute fun since they came. The daily wrestling between Egypt and Pinky. The chasing, the running, the late night playing with toys. They were truly home.

It goes without saying, we thank Colorado 9Lives for keeping them safe until they came home.

Happy Gotcha Day Susie & Pinky!

Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!

A few days late, but their day was not forgotten. They are five years old.

Miss Pinky


Miss Susie


Rather than sit for a nice portrait, they went about their regular activity of bird watching. It makes for a much better time when the weather is agreeable versus a springtime blizzard. And, better than sitting for the camera.


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!




Happy Gotcha Day!

We are celebrating the Gotcha Day for Miss Susie and Miss Pinky.

We adopted them from Colorado 9 Lives Rescue on this day in 2011. Though we were only looking at adopting Miss Susie, we thought if there was a littermate, or another kitten, at her foster home she was close with, we would adopt her playmate also. She was very close with her littermate, Miss Pinky. They played hard together as kittens. It only seemed fitting they came together. Miss Susie and Miss Pinky would have each other to play with and be the best of friends.

Being family members, we have many, many photos of them.

Then, as baby kittens –

Miss Pinky


Miss Susie


a rare two-shot of the sisters


Now, as grown-up girls –

Miss Susie


Miss Pinky


Though they are the babies of our home, both have grown nicely. They run and play well with Miss Egypt and the Musketeers. They are lots of fun also.

We would like to thank everyone at 9Lives for keeping and watching them until we could bring them home.


Happy Gotcha Day, Pinky and Susie!