Red, Smoky Haze Hour

The golden hour, this morning, was replaced by the red, smoky haze hour.

sunrise: big orange red

climbing in the sky

sunrise: the long view

Contributing to the sunrise, and the day, in general, the heavy scent of burning pine.

smoky haze at tree level

hidden: sun behind broken clouds and a smoky veil

The smoky haze is from the large wildfires burning in California, Oregon and Washington. It is expected to clear overnight with the passage of a cold front through the state.


Easy Like Sunday

“As they stood there puzzled about this, two men in brilliant clothes suddenly appeared by their side. Terrified, the women bowed their heads to the ground. But, the two said to them, ‘Why look among the dead for someone who is alive? He is not here; he has risen.’ ” (Luke 24: 4-6, The New Jerusalem Bible)

Through His resurrection, He made all things new and He made all things possible.
May your Easter be blessed and holy.

Chasing The Sun

My friend, Elisa, at Eleven Summer Roads loves a good sunrise and a good sunset. Sunrise, it is the promise of a new day with endless possibilities for the making. Sunset, the end of a day in which memories were made. From her recent travels, Elisa posted her sunrise and sunset images of Key West.

While not exactly a Key West sunrise or sunset, Colorado can occasionally produce a stunning sunrise and sunset, or two.

sunrise, from the front yard (Nov 01 2012)


sunset on the back deck (Sep 19 2012)


Most times, one does need to travel far to a find a good one.

Winter Quiet


In the quiet of an early winter morning, we walked the horses on the snow-covered trail. We paused, before crossing the stream, taking in the scene. The everyday thoughts and worries slip away. What remains is nature beginning to paint another perfect day, using her color palette.

Our trail ride brought us to the north ranch section of the JN Ranch. Amanda said not much has changed since the original homestead was built, and the original boundaries drawn, in 1882.