They are the surest sign of summer.





The whispers of snow at the end of the week are no longer whispers. The higher elevations above 8,000 ft are expected to have their first brush with winter Thursday night into Friday. The rest of us, most likely, a cold rain. Though it will be chilly, the garden should do fine. Freezing temperatures are not expected.

The colder weather will be a short affair. Warmer temperatures will return over the weekend.



The seasonal change in action.

clouds of spring and summer, cumulus-nimbus kind


trees beginning to set leaf buds


robin visitors


trash in the trees


The unwelcomed change in season, Red Flag Warnings, the presence of extreme fire conditions.

Measuring Time and Seasons

A measuring of the workings of time and the changing of seasons …

the waning crescent moon, 6:08 am September 2, 2013


the waning crescent moon, 6:07 am October 2, 2013


Over the course of a calendar month, it was a 27-minute loss of daylight at sunrise. At the sunset end of the day, it was 50-minute loss of daylight. In the southern hemisphere, the effect is the opposite with more daylight being added at sunrise and sunset.

Traditional Friday Catblogging

“What weather change?”


Slice 25 degrees off the temperature, compared to yesterday, and add a stiff north wind with a freeze warning for tonight, it’s probably fair to say the seasons are changing. The cats don’t mind long as the sun keeps shining and keep their favorite spots warm.