Pebbles: Rainbow Bridge Day

They were unsettled days, a mix of cold, rain and snow. The past few days have not been much different. The similarities of two moments in time, separated by thirteen years, have been most striking. Yet, they have been very different in mood.

The good days with Pebbles were many. She was ever loyal and loving. The best napping companion. She did not ask for much, except for tuna, a small taste of fresh canola oil, and her own little plate for dinner.

baby quilt: taking the morning nap

the daily tuna: lunching in the kitchen

Pebbles also liked her luxuries. She nibbled on her grandma’s gold bracelet, and developed a fondness for her leopard-print, leather handbag. My mom was more than happy to give Pebbles the handbag. One night, Pebbles spotted Andrea’s diamond pendant on her dressing table. The next morning, the pendant was missing. Andrea searched high and low for the pendant. While she thought Deborah or Elizabeth may have taken the pendant, Andrea found it laying in the kitty toy basket. Pebbles had put away her new special toy. When she saw Pebbles giving her the eye, Andrea asked if it was okay if she could wear the pendant for the day. Pebbles meowed her reply; Andrea took it to be a “yes”.

kitty fashion: Pebbles with her leather handbag

spa: warming in the dryer

Every day was a good one with our Pebbles. We were very privileged to be her forever family for 16 years. We love and miss you much.

Love you always,

mom and dad


Tuxie: Two Years, Still Too Soon

It is two years. We didn’t have a chance to exchange our momentary goodbyes. Our Tuxie boy left much too soon, much too young.

His quiet, laid-back personality is missed tremendously. Tuxie enjoyed his window watching. From the early morning to the late evening. From birds and squirrels to the occasional skunk or raccoon. And, of course, he watched his persons whenever they were outside and in window view.

on watch from the master bedroom bookcase (July 2012)

produce inspecting with Miss Pinky from the 2012 peach harvest (Aug 2012)

Maxie and Midnight adjusted much better than anticipated after Tuxie’s loss. The Musketeer bond between the three littermates, very strong. They always watched for one another in true Musketeer fashion.

In many ways, Tuxie’s presence and essence continues to live on through Maxie and Midnight. There are moments when you see some of Tuxie’s personality and behavior in the two.

window watching with a smile (May 2014)

We love and miss you much.


Dino: Rainbow Bridge Day

At times, the ten years seem like yesterday. Other days, it seems so long ago.

From his kitten days to his very last, Dino was the best of cats. He always understood. That made him special. Dino was a friendly and happy boy. Most of all, he was loyal – not only to his one but also to his littermate, Pebbles.

greenhouse scents: the container pot

outdoor scents: peach harvest

Dino loved his fresh scents, from fresh cut flowers to Kona coffee to babies. When the gardenias began to bloom, he was right there to inhale all of its scent. Similarly with babies. Dino loved sitting and sleeping with Deborah, Elizabeth and Kyle, taking in their baby freshness.

We were fortunate to have Dino for nearly 19 years, and to be blessed by his undying love and devotion. We love and miss you.

mom and dad


Egypt: Marking Two Years

It has been two years since we said goodbye to our beloved Miss Egypt. Though she continues to remain in our hearts, her physical absence is noticed very much. Simply, our tabby girl gave much of herself. Playful, friendly and sociable, she was always ready to visit with anyone. Yet, she only had eyes for her “one”. Egypt knew her “one” would do anything for her.

Wood and carpet squares, her favorite toys. Lounging in a sunny window, her favorite activity. Egypt left her scratch marks on wood surfaces, nose prints on every window from which she watched her world, on a daily basis. A well-lived home, after all, needs all of these markings.

in motion: Egypt leaving her mark on the door jamb leading into the greenhouse

Without a doubt, Egypt was the cat-in-charge. The other kitties of the household understood the order of things. Her position as top cat remains unfilled, the title and role she made her own.

may be: Miss Susie trying to ignore Miss Egypt

Occasionally, we’ll catch a glimpse of Egypt from the corner of our eye. On rare occasions, we’ll see Egypt jump onto her favorite chair. And, yes, she made the trip to the ranch.

We love and miss you very much.


Pebbles: Rainbow Bridge Day

It is the twelfth anniversary of her Rainbow Bridge Day. Pebbles is very memorable, quickly bringing a smile as we remember her. A beautiful girl, she was happy, a close confidante and loyal littermate. With Pebbles, you knew she was in charge – not only of all things feline, but of all things.

meezer kittens: Pebbles squeezing into the box with Dino (Mar 1990)

kitchen cabinet high ground: Pebbles surveying her kingdom (Jul 1991)

summer is easy: lounging under the tree (May 1992)

fashion: Pebbles with her leopard-print, leather handbag (Oct 1999)

patio comfort: relaxing on a summer’s eve (Aug 2002)

Pebbles at eleven (Jun 2000)

We were most privileged to have our Siamese girl for more than 16 years. Every day was a good one with her. We miss you much.

Love you always,

mom and dad

Photos are from the Two Cats Two archives. They were taken using a Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodak Gold (ASA 200) film.

Tuxie: Too Suddenly, Too Soon

A year has passed. Much of the shock has faded, but a touch remains. Tuxie’s missing presence is very noticeable too, from watching the world wake in the morning to chasing around the house to snaking on the lap in the evening. His quiet, laid-back personality is missed the most.

Maxie has missed his littermate brother the most. They did a lot things together since their kitten days. Tuxie and Midnight, they took turns bossing each other around. The trio lived true to their Musketeer title, always keeping an eye on each other.

watching the world: flying birds and melting snow

tucked in on a cold winter day

with the optic yellow

Tuxie was a happy cat, friendly once he got to know you. The boy wore his smile everyday. Since Deborah and Elizabeth wear their hair long, Tuxie loved to play with their French braid or ponytail. The braid and ponytail were exotic. Whenever Tara had her hair cut and styled, Tuxie would try to rub against her hair. He loved the scent of the hair product that was used.

Tuxie left too suddenly, too soon.

We love and miss you much.


Dino: Rainbow Bridge Day

It is the ninth anniversary of his Rainbow Bridge Day. We remember Dino with great fondness and love. He was the best of cats – friendly, happy, close confidante, and loyal littermate. Dino loved all things fresh, from cut-flowers to laundered clothes to Kona coffee to babies.

Dino: on kitten watch in early spring  (March 1990)

the fan: favorite objet d’arte

napping with his objet d’arte

catnip scratcher box: “all mine”

Pebbles and Dino: waiting on dinner

Dino at one (Sep 1990)

We were most privileged to have our Siamese boy for nearly 19 years. Every day was a good one with him. We miss you much.

Love you always,

mom and dad

Photos are from the Two Cats Two archives. They were taken using a Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodak Gold (ASA 200) film.