Pebbles: Rainbow Bridge Day

It is the twelfth anniversary of her Rainbow Bridge Day. Pebbles is very memorable, quickly bringing a smile as we remember her. A beautiful girl, she was happy, a close confidante and loyal littermate. With Pebbles, you knew she was in charge – not only of all things feline, but of all things.

meezer kittens: Pebbles squeezing into the box with Dino (Mar 1990)

kitchen cabinet high ground: Pebbles surveying her kingdom (Jul 1991)

summer is easy: lounging under the tree (May 1992)

fashion: Pebbles with her leopard-print, leather handbag (Oct 1999)

patio comfort: relaxing on a summer’s eve (Aug 2002)

Pebbles at eleven (Jun 2000)

We were most privileged to have our Siamese girl for more than 16 years. Every day was a good one with her. We miss you much.

Love you always,

mom and dad

Photos are from the Two Cats Two archives. They were taken using a Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodak Gold (ASA 200) film.


Tuxie: Too Suddenly, Too Soon

A year has passed. Much of the shock has faded, but a touch remains. Tuxie’s missing presence is very noticeable too, from watching the world wake in the morning to chasing around the house to snaking on the lap in the evening. His quiet, laid-back personality is missed the most.

Maxie has missed his littermate brother the most. They did a lot things together since their kitten days. Tuxie and Midnight, they took turns bossing each other around. The trio lived true to their Musketeer title, always keeping an eye on each other.

watching the world: flying birds and melting snow

tucked in on a cold winter day

with the optic yellow

Tuxie was a happy cat, friendly once he got to know you. The boy wore his smile everyday. Since Deborah and Elizabeth wear their hair long, Tuxie loved to play with their French braid or ponytail. The braid and ponytail were exotic. Whenever Tara had her hair cut and styled, Tuxie would try to rub against her hair. He loved the scent of the hair product that was used.

Tuxie left too suddenly, too soon.

We love and miss you much.


Dino: Rainbow Bridge Day

It is the ninth anniversary of his Rainbow Bridge Day. We remember Dino with great fondness and love. He was the best of cats – friendly, happy, close confidante, and loyal littermate. Dino loved all things fresh, from cut-flowers to laundered clothes to Kona coffee to babies.

Dino: on kitten watch in early spring  (March 1990)

the fan: favorite objet d’arte

napping with his objet d’arte

catnip scratcher box: “all mine”

Pebbles and Dino: waiting on dinner

Dino at one (Sep 1990)

We were most privileged to have our Siamese boy for nearly 19 years. Every day was a good one with him. We miss you much.

Love you always,

mom and dad

Photos are from the Two Cats Two archives. They were taken using a Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodak Gold (ASA 200) film.

Miss Egypt: Yesterday & Today

Though it has been one year, it seems like yesterday. The loss of our tabby girl has been an enormous one. Her missing presence is most noticeable, from watching her world at a window to her power nap to her taking over a chair. Noticeably missed the most is her sassy personality.

Miss Pinky probably misses Miss Egypt the most. They would start most days with a wrestling match, one Egypt would always dominate and win. It would culminate with a short chase. In other feline matters, one look from her was enough to settle it.

executive laundry assistant: making sure the towels will make it into the wash

the power nap

a perfect shady spot

Always happy, friendly, active, fun – that was her personality. Miss Egypt always wore her tabby smile. If she saw a ruler or the yardstick out, it was time to play (loved anything wood). The girls found out Egypt also developed a love for leather tack gear (pricier the better). Using a throw pillow to save a chair or your spot on the couch, Egypt would love you later for your kind thoughtfulness for the cushy napping spot. Any cubby-hole on the desk was also right for a nap. Her purr machine – easy to start, hard to turn off.

Miss Egypt has left a mighty void. The role of top cat remains unfilled, a title and position Egypt made her own.

We love and miss you very much.


A Rainbow Bridge Day

She had a strong personality. Step into our home, one knew Pebbles was the one in charge. A trait not unusual for kitties of the Siamese persuasion.

Yet, Pebbles had her sweet, affectionate side. She slept under the covers with her one, her little feets pressed on the back. A soft meow in the ear when it was time to wake up.

When October 10, 2005 came, we awoke early as per our custom. Breakfast, Pebbles ate that well, and part of Dino’s leftovers. Afterwards, a brief nap then she watched the light snow fall outside. With her bright blues and her purr machine on high, Pebbles signaled she was ready to say goodbye for the time being.

We miss our Siamese girl very much. Pebbles was the best of friends, and was a very loving member of our family and confidant.

Love you always,

mom and dad

“It was all so unexpected …”

… and so much more.

It was meant to be a very routine visit. We would be in-and-out, and back home in less than 45 minutes. Our previous visits were all like this, and this would be no different.

The day began early as normal. The kitties were taken care of first – their breakfast, fresh water at all four stations, the litterbox scooped and freshened with baking soda. As his habit, Tuxie waited patiently for his fresh water. With him, you have to be plenty quick with a bowl of fresh water. The rest of the morning unfolded as close to normal and quiet as it does on most weekdays.

While storm clouds began to build, around noontime, Tuxie settled in for his nap in the hideaway box, in the patio. The hideaway box served as a shelter for him and his two littermates, Maxie and Midnight, when they transitioned in from the outdoors many years ago. They continue to use it as a their quiet hideaway. Miss Egypt also used it as her secret quiet place.

It is with great sadness, and great shock, to announce the passing of my handsome boy, Tuxie, on Monday, August 29, at 14:45, at our vet’s office. He passed away from a cascading respiratory failure. It was clearly so unexpected. I had anticipated, that it would be a routine visit. Dr. Ramsel would ask how things were going at home after losing Miss Egypt. Instead, it was an emergency situation.

This was not your ordinary, overstress situation. Listening to Tuxie’s lungs, Dr. Ramsel could hear crackles which indicate fluid in the lungs. An x-ray revealed half of his lungs were filled with fluid, and likely resulting from an underlying disease process or the presence of a tumor. A rapid application of oxygen slightly eased the shortness of breath but was not enough to slow or halt the cascading respiratory collapse. Dr. Ramsel was prepared to insert a kitty chest tube, but she needed to stabilize Tuxie first. Unfortunately, he slipped away to the other side.

After breakfast, Tuxie began the day like he always did – watching his world wake up. He listened to birds singing their morning songs, and watched them fly here and there. Tuxie watched his one take the trash to the curb for pick-up day with his “what-cha-doing” wonderment. And, he was glad when I acknowledged his watching.

He was quiet, unassuming and very happy. Like Miss Egypt, my boy struggled mightily to stay in the here and now. Tuxie, too, showed what life is all about. To live, to love and savor every moment of life – big, small and everything in between. Sadness had no place in his world.

Forever in our hearts
Tuxie, The Quiet Prince
July 25, 2005 – August 29, 2016


A Rainbow Bridge Day

He loved the scent of fresh-cut flowers. The one scent Dino enjoyed the most was gardenia. When that plant bloomed, it was like he consumed all of its scent.

In summer, Dino enjoyed the greenhouse very much. The plants, the scents, were very intoxicating.

When July 18, 2008 came, we awoke very early as usual. Though his appetite had slipped away, his eyes were bright, clear and alert. It was his approval to say it was okay to say goodbye for now.

We miss our Siamese boy very much. Not only was he the best of friends, Dino was a very loving member of our family and confidant.

Love you always,

mom and dad