Blizzard Friday

After 2-3 weeks of spring weather, today was a reminder that winter is not quite over yet. Though we had wind-driven rain at the house and a dusting of snow, points northward to Denver and eastward into the plains were having a blizzard this morning. A certain project appointment, however, had to be kept regardless of the weather conditions.

heading into the plains: an icy SH 94 east of Colorado Springs, which closed 15 minutes later

While Deborah and Tara did some homework, Elizabeth made two chocolate pies. She had to make a pressing call, first, to Laurie at work, “where is the baking chocolate?” Of course, Elizabeth had first taste of her chocolate temptation.

Elizabeth’s first word: “tasty”

Not a bad afternoon treat.

“Thank you, princess.”


Traditional Friday Catblogging

“A ‘Spring Black Friday’? I don’t think so.”


A certain home improvement chain has declared this weekend as “Spring Black Friday”. In other words, a weekend gardening sale. They forgot to ask a particular black cat about declaring a Black Cat Friday, being she’s the only black cat in the world.

After this morning’s round of snow, ice pellets, sleet, and slush, accompanied by lightning and thunder, outdoor gardening is not quite advisable in Colorado just yet. Though sunny skies have returned this afternoon, melting all the snow ice away, the ice assault was Mother Nature’s reminder on becoming too anxious about planting something outdoors. If this morning’s weather happened, say six weeks ago, we would be under a few inches of ice.

Snow Covered

Winter made an unwelcomed return yesterday. Snow. A brutal cold, north wind.

blowing in the wind


wind blown


layered in snow


snow-covered apple blossoms


Winter continues today, with the same brutal cold, north wind and a few, stray snowflakes. While tonight will bring another freeze warning, the weather is expected to moderate tomorrow and Wednesday. On Thursday, it’ll be mid-May weather … just in time for mid-May.