Riding: Iowa

It represents the halfway point of the back half of the 2017 season. Yet, plenty of riding remains. Practice for the two weeks away has been fairly straightforward. Much of it is staying sharp, staying crisp. Moreover, it is about staying with the technique that have brought them to this point. Consistency is valued at this point in the season. Trish is very pleased with how well the girls are riding. “They are riding better than ever before.”

Preparing on a short week has its advantages. It allows my daughters to have a steadier and narrower focus. The Iowa shows, though not CSI-rated*, are among the best on the AA circuit. They have the ability to draw some of the best riders from across the nation. My daughters know they must be on top of their game to be in a position to compete.

Tara and Cameron: deciding on the saddle pads (JN Ranch, Jul 30 2017)

Time to ride.

* CSI – Concours de Saut International, the rating system for show jumping events.


Iowa Bound

Embarking on the last segment of their riding season, my girls will soon close their summer campaign. With the many personal worries and concerns, my girls put them aside and continued to ride well, showing their strength of character. Mark and Trish, their riding coaches, have always believed “success and winning will take care of itself.” Their approach and the hours of practice and hard work have handsomely rewarded the girls with a very impressive and very solid season.

Deborah with Captain Andrew (Jul 2016)

Both the girls and their horses have proven their mettle and steadfastness in the show ring. They’ve kept their perspective on riding. Most importantly, they’ve made sure to have fun in what they love.

It’s on to Iowa.

Iowa Gold

An off-day from competition, walking an Iowa field during the golden hour before sunset.

in an Iowa field, Deborah walks through the taller grass (Aug 2014)


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Scenes of Iowa

It begins here, crossing over the Missouri River, from Nebraska into Iowa, eastbound on I-80.


Corn And Wind Turbines

Fields of corn border both sides of I-80. Taking a place among the cornfields are wind turbines. Both seemingly crowd the interstate highway.

zipping past a cornfield on I-80, west of Des Moines (Aug 2014)


One of the large wind farms is located near Avoca, about 30 miles east of Omaha. From a distance, the wind turbines don’t seem imposing. Close up, they are giants.

near Des Moines, wind turbines at sunset (July 2014)


Fog Layers

On several mornings, we were greeted by fog. Some days, the fog was dense. Other days, it dissipated quickly after sunrise.

fog receding from an Iowa farm field (Aug 2014)


dense morning fog near Des Moines (Aug 2014)


The Night Sky

Most evenings were warm, muggy and cloudy. The night before the full moon, the sky was clear enough to see her in the night sky of Iowa.

waxing full moon over Iowa (Aug 2014)