Hail and Farewell

In less than three hours, this year will come to an end. A new year will be ushered in. Both, barely recognizable in the smooth procession of time.

The first day, of a new year, holds considerable promise. It is the beginning of a new land waiting for discovery. We are the explorers. The adventures will be many. The disappointments and setbacks will test our character. Our focus, to make today a good day, and tomorrow a better day.

to light our path ahead

After our family celebration and sharing of kisses, we will settle into the quiet on this cold, wintry night. Our comfort, our love for one another. The closeness of our family, our strength. We were made better by the experiences of the past year. The new experiences of the coming year awaits. We believe we are ready.

May the new year be a good one, and one for making good memories.

Many blessings to all.


Hail & Farewell

The last 2½ hours of the year is quietly slipping away. No worries or thoughts of what should have been, or could have been. It is always about looking ahead. Today was good, tomorrow will be better. With the excitement building for the coming year, new adventures, new hopes, new memories are waiting to be discovered.

After our family celebration, the sharing of kisses, our home will quiet and settle for a winter’s night. The year coming to a close was a good one. We, hopefully, met and passed many of the tests. We were made the better for them. The coming new year brings new promises. We believe we’re ready.

May the new year be a good one, and one for good memories.


Hail & Farewell

Alas, the holiday season is drawing to a close.

wrapped in light: Deborah with a string of Christmas lights

Soon, the colored lights and glitter will be taken and stored away. Thoughts become wistful as the last few hours of a year slips away. At the same time, an excitement begins to build. A new year will soon begin. New adventures, new hopes, new discoveries, new memories lay ahead.

One longstanding military tradition is to bid “hail and farewell” whenever someone leaves for another assignment, or leaves service. Friends gather to offer cheers, often at a favorite restaurant. The gathering is often a gregarious one, filled with smiles and much laughter. Celebrating the arrival of a new year is not much different.

Traditionally, we welcome the new year between 9-10 pm with a champagne toast and something chocolate. When the girls were younger, it was sparkling grape juice instead. After waving sparklers in the backyard and sharing a few kisses, the house begins to quiet.

In the quiet of the moment, we note the year that is drawing to a close was a good year. Whatever the heartache or testing challenge may have been, it made us stronger and better for having experienced it. The coming year, it will be a better one.

May the new year be a good one, and the one for good memories.

A New Year

It has gone by so quickly. Another year passes, a new year begins. We quietly mark the occasion with champagne cheers, looking ahead at the coming days with great anticipation and excitement. Though it is said we cannot shape the future, we can certainly influence its direction by our actions.

May all of our friends and readers have a happy new year. May it be a safe and healthy one, and be one for making the best of memories.

Another Day, Another Year


We’re not much for bidding farewell to one year and welcoming in a new one. Though we mark the occasion with celebratory cheers with champagne, it is pretty much a low key affair. Cheers for the year completed. Cheers for the year ahead.

We offer the best of wishes to our friends and readers a very Happy New Year. May it be a safe and healthy one, and always one of making for cherished memories.