Happy Birthday Musketeers!

The Musketeers – Maxie, Midnight and Tuxie – are turning 12 today. Time has flown by so quickly. They have grown into fine, loving kitties. Closely bonded, they have kept an eye on each other.



Tuxie, forever remembered and forever loved

Losing Tuxie, last August, most fortunately Maxie and Midnight handled it well. Whether they had sensed Tuxie’s short time, that can only be surmised. Maxie and Midnight have carried on in true Musketeer tradition.

the rare three-shot (September 2006)

Happy Birthday Musketeers!

mom and dad

Candles: Twenty Three

From the sophisticated to highly-regarded equestrian to the everyday, Tara can easily wear any style and look. Her strawberry blonde hair draws attention.

Iowa downtime: stylish and sophisticated (Aug 2014)

Tara and Brie: the special forever connection

everyday: a kitty-ready lap

Without a doubt, Tara is a beautiful young woman. Very kind, very loving. Though easy going and relaxed, Tara can be strong-willed when she needs to be. She has a wisdom about her. Credit much of that to her mom, Laurie.

Tara has a way of surprising. And, in a way to make smiles. Her song of the moment is Trisha Yearwood’s “How Do I Live Without You“. The lyrics speaks to her heart.

“Without you
There would be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life
There’d be no world left for me”

They speak to ours.

Happy 23, Miss Tara!

mom and dad

A Princess at Twenty Three

A special post by Andrea Kanakredes, RN, MSN.

At a certain time, the days begin to pass by quickly. Milestone after milestone are passed. Twenty. Twenty-one. Twenty-two.

Deborah: already a princess (age 2)

In becoming twenty-three, you have so much lying ahead of you with promises of unlimited possibilities. Our first princess, our most perfect princess. While smart, beautiful and accomplished easily comes to mind, words cannot describe the woman you have become. Dad and I are so proud of you.

Still a toddler, you had eyes for riding a pony. First, with your Blue scooter horse. Then, with your Cocoa bouncy horse. And, with Pinkie Carousel Horse.

horse love: Deborah and Pinkie Carousel Horse (age 2)

Your eyes brightened when you learned how to ride, first on ponies and later with mares and stallions. Your connection with horses is very special. You worried about Cara, your first pony, when you transitioned to the taller horses. Cara did okay, retiring to the pony good life. She’s still your first love.

the quiet moment: Deborah and Cara the pony (JN Ranch, Jun 03 2017)

Whatever craft you choose to make your life’s work, we know you’ll love it and you’ll work hard to perfect the skills. Like riding, you will carve out your niche and succeed.

You will always be our first, beautiful princess. A princess who continues to quietly slip her hand into ours, and one who embraces ever so tightly.

My perfect princess, your dad’s perfect princess.

Happy 23, baby girl!

mom and dad

Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!

It seems not long ago Miss Susie and Miss Pinky, and their littermates were born. They began their lives in rather humble and difficult surroundings. Through kindness, and a little good fortune, they made their way into feline rescue. “The rest,” it is said, “is history.”

Becoming six, Susie and Pinky, are lots of fun. They are loving and loyal.

favorite chair and perch: Miss Pinky

baby quilt time: Miss Susie

the sunny side: Miss Susie

watching for cats: Miss Pinky

suncatching: Miss Pinky

suncatching: Miss Susie


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!


Caturday: Happy Birthday Egypt!

Today, our beloved Miss Egypt would have been 12 years old. She has been greatly missed since her passing nearly seven months ago.

Always sociable. Always friendly. Always good. She was singularly and fiercely devoted to her one. Sweet as she was, Egypt had the heart of a mighty lioness or tigress. She ran the house her way.

We were glad to have been her forever home.

Happy Birthday Egypt!

Twenty One


A special post by Andrea Kanakredes, RN, MSN.

Our baby princess is growing up.

It seems like yesterday you were born. Though we knew a little more about babies, we were still nervous when you came. Like Deborah, you were so perfect. And, to be blessed with another perfect princess was priceless.

In becoming twenty one, dad and I wished a few times we could slow time so we can enjoy you and Deborah more, and be our little girls a little longer. We are always surprised when you leave us handwritten notes of love to us. When we hold you close, you choose to listen to our heartbeats. It is pure sweetness.

A smart, beautiful woman, you are and so much more. A successful equestrian, a talented musician. You will always be our baby princess.


Happy 21, baby!

mom and dad

Happy Birthday Meezers!

My sister Ginny, and her friend Jewel, were (and are) tight as thieves. They could identify with each other as working moms. Jewel’s kids were still young and Ginny’s daughter, M, was entering her teen years. And, both were also mom cats. Sis had a calico cat (named Calico, of course) and Jewel had a pair of Siamese, Wilma and Betty. Ginny asked if her two Siamese were spayed. Jewel replied, “No, Wilma and Betty were quite satisfied being indoor cats, showing no interest or desire to go outside. Besides, they’re both girls.” Ginny had Calico spayed just in case if she slipped outside. Being fixed also would add years to a cat’s life (male and female) with fewer health issues.

In late July 1989, Jewel had noticed Wilma was putting on some weight and didn’t think much about it. She did take more notice as July became August and Wilma beginning her search to find the perfect nesting site. Wilma’s chosen nesting site was on top of Jewel’s bed, and that is where she gave birth to three baby meezer kittens – Dino, Pebbles and Bam-Bam. The Flintstone theme to names was courtesy of Jewel’s daughter, Sophia.

Finding good, forever homes for the three babies ensued when the kittens were two weeks old. Jewel asked Ginny if she would be interested. Sis said she would take one, but Calico was set in her ways as the only cat in her house. But, Ginny said she would ask around. And, ask she did. I said, “I don’t know. You know my work. I could be gone for weeks on end. Who would take care of them while I’m away?” That’s easy, mom and dad would care for your kitty while you’re away. I wasn’t so sure, but agreed nonetheless.

On Columbus Day Weekend 1989, a wiggly Siamese kitten named Dino came to stay. New to the home, he investigated every square inch. When Dino ate, his purr machine turned on. Between his sleeps during the day, he was a non-stop play machine. The first three nights, he stayed in the laundry/utility room with a low cardboard barrier separating that room from the rest of the house. It was so he would be know where his litter box would be located. Beginning on the fourth night, he had full run of the house at night. He would begin his sleeps near the dishwasher, soaking in all of its heat, and later finding his way to bed to sleep with me.

First Christmas: Dino and Pebbles (Dec 1989)

While Dino settled in nicely, Jewel was having a difficult time finding a home for Pebbles. Jewel also began to have doubts about the person who said they would take Bam-Bam. She asked Ginny if I was interested in taking Pebbles. I said I would, and if her concerns about the person regarding Bam-Bam’s adoption grew, I would take him as well. Fortunately, Jewel found someone more reliable and more loving to take in Bam-Bam. The someone also had previous experience with Siamese cats and their talkative nature.

When Pebbles came, nearly three weeks later, she acted she didn’t know who Dino was during the first night. Beginning the next morning, the two were playing without having missed a beat. Not only were they littermates, they were also the best of friends. They kept on eye out for each other. When one was not feeling well, the other stayed near.

Pebbles with the beanies (Summer 2004)

Dino with the kitty grass (Fall 2004)

Though both have been gone for many years, we continue to mark their special day.

Happy Birthday Dino & Pebbles!


Photos from the archives of Two Cats Two™. The Christmas photo was taken with the Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodak Max film (ASA 200). The latter two were taken with a Kodak APS camera using Kodak Gold APS film (ASA 400).