It is a quieter day than usual. Cold weather has a way of doing that. Today would have been my parents’ 64th wedding anniversary. Within our family, it remains an important date to celebrate. Mom, who has been gone for more than a year and a half, would have appreciated our taking time to remember this day.

A lover of chocolate, undoubtedly, mom would have loved these chocolate cupcakes topped with a chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings.

Our resident chocolatier, Laurie, worked on these cupcakes late into the night, Sunday evening. One cupcake that did not turn out well became the one and only sample. They will be served after dinner, later this evening.

We toast them for their long marriage.

Happy Anniversary!




It is a bittersweet moment with mom gone nearly eight months. It would have been my parents’ 63rd wedding anniversary today. Yet, we feel it is still an important date to note. Mom liked the smaller family celebrations for their intimacy and informality.

And, yes, mom loved her chocolate cake.

After a lengthy surgery on Saturday, Laurie, our resident chocolatier, worked on this gem of a chocolate cake last night. With no samples, we had to settle for the wafting scent of chocolate. It will be served after tonight’s dinner.

And, so we toast them for their long marriage.

Happy Anniversary!



What is the elixir that makes for a long-lasting marriage?

I’m often asked that question when friends ask how long my parents have been married. “Amazing,” is their reply when I say how long. “I hope my wife and I can reach that same milestone.

Today, my parents celebrate 62 years of marriage. Of course, we will celebrate the occasion with them. We will toast for many, many more years to follow.

The wishes they had when they married still remain true. Better yet, we have had an early morning rain. And, you know what is said when it rains on your wedding day – it is a good sign of a long-lasting marriage. It should apply for the anniversary also.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad. May you have many, many more years to come.



Another year, it’s time to celebrate a long-lasting marriage. My parents celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary today. If you were to ask them what is the “secret” to a long marriage, they’d probably say there’s nothing special. Undoubtedly, there is considerable truth and wisdom in that answer.

This evening, we’ll gather to celebrate with good food and drink. We’ll marvel about how nice the weather has been for a third year in a row, with sunny skies and seasonal temperatures, as October draws to a close. There’ll be plenty of laughter, with an occasional “what are you talking about” moment sprinkled in.


Taking dinner on the back deck, under a quarter moon, may be a bit chilly. Besides, we don’t want any uninvited reptiles coming for a warm-up visit. So, it’ll be an indoor affair.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad, with many, many more to come.

Happy Sixty

We celebrate important milestones in our family. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or another occasion, we come together to share good food, good drinks and a fine dessert. Mix in a few laughs and lots of talk, it becomes that preserved, cherished memory.

Today is one of those days where we celebrate to the fullest, my parents’ sixtieth anniversary. Sixty years, by any measure, is truly an occasion to celebrate. The axiom that “marriage isn’t easy”, there are days when everything clicks. And, there are days when it doesn’t. Sixty years says there were, and are, days when everything clicks far outnumber, by a wide margin, those that didn’t. Of course, after sixty years, there’s still that exasperated “that man” said aloud.


The family celebration awaits until Saturday night, partly to accommodate the girls’ long day of classes and the brisk weather. Then, it’ll be grill on with a warmer evening. To celebrate the goodness of life and family, the stuff that counts.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad, with many, many more to come.

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parents’ 59th wedding anniversary. And, a picture-perfect day to mark the occasion … a cloudless, deep-blue Colorado sky.



Tonight, it’ll be steaks on the grill and some other good food and drinks.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad, with many, many more to come!