Hidden By Winter

Snow and dense fog arrived with the new winter storm in the pre-dawn hours. The snowfall, 2-4 inches. Pockets of dense fog added a glazing of ice and invisibility.

North Ranch: draped in snow, cloaked in fog

foggy aura

Throughout the day, our invisibility would slip away, but roll back in a couple of hours later. Tonight, the fog will persist and may become more dense. The barnyard lights will provide an eerie glow.

Most definitely, it will be a night to stay in with a nice fire in the hearth.


Side Note

Megan, who’s renting our house in the old neighborhood, she’s been waiting for snow for most of the day. A winter aficionado, Megan rescheduled her day. To say she was disappointed, well, Megan was disappointed. She’s suggested new weather guessers may be needed.


The Fog

“A person learns much about themselves when lost. Whether it is one of discovery or acknowledgement,
it is a revelation of sorts. Or, maybe not …”


What is once familiar is now so unfamiliar. Walk this way, walk over there. Not much can be recognized.  Not the homes, not the street names. It is all a blur.


The fog begins to lift, letting what could not be seen become visible.


And, hope the darkness of night does not slip back into the daylight.




I’m Midnight Cat, and I approve this Halloween post.