Farriers: New Shoes

Last week, the farrier fitted new shoes for all the horses. The exception is G-Man, who will remain unshod until later this year.

bucket o’ tools: TJ’s farrier tools

This is the second year we’re using TJ and his daughter Jules as our farriers. Matt, our previous farrier, retired in 2015. He recommended TJ and Jules. They also shoe the working horses for JN Ranch. They are meticulous in their process and technique, preferring to take their time.

after removing a worn shoe, Jules trims the hoof on Mr. Ed in preparation for the new shoe
(JN Ranch, Apr 17 2017)

TJ seating a new shoe on Cameron
(JN Ranch, Apr 17 2017)

TJ nailing on a new shoe on Candace
(JN Ranch, Apr 17 2017)

After the shoes are nailed on, TJ and Jules will wash the hooves and file finish the nail heads and the shoe even. On the back of the shoe is the cut-out for studs. Wearing the new shoes for about a week, the cut-outs are drilled out and the studs are attached, adjusted then removed.

Of our horses, Lilith and Comet wear the classic horseshoe shape. The others require a slight modification of the shape to where they best fit the horse.