Red, Smoky Haze Hour

The golden hour, this morning, was replaced by the red, smoky haze hour.

sunrise: big orange red

climbing in the sky

sunrise: the long view

Contributing to the sunrise, and the day, in general, the heavy scent of burning pine.

smoky haze at tree level

hidden: sun behind broken clouds and a smoky veil

The smoky haze is from the large wildfires burning in California, Oregon and Washington. It is expected to clear overnight with the passage of a cold front through the state.


Office View

The pre-dawn sky was making its transition from darkness to sunrise. The color palate was rich and vibrant. The view from the office window, a pretty good one.

A colorful start, the day became a gray one with an occasional, stray snowflake drifting past the window.

Sunrise Ribbon

Prepared to photograph an early morning group of Canadian geese flying over the house, they did not come. Instead, only a ribbon of sunrise color was available.

to view enlarged image, click here


While the geese have not overflown our house for nearly three weeks, it’s a matter of time until they do.