Time Shifting

Making the change from standard time to daylight time. Either we advanced one hour, or we made the jump to the next ice age.

A lull in the blizzard conditions this morning. Wind at 35 with gusts to 60. Temperature 30°F, wind chill 2°F. A few minutes later, the heavy snow picked up again, making for a blinding snow storm. The black on the road surface is not asphalt, but rather a sheet of ice overlaying gravel. Conditions haven’t changed much since.

Watching Time

watching: time in motion

Side Note

If you remember Nancy from the previous post, Clocking, she ran into Deborah and I after Sunday Mass, this morning, while we were waiting for the others. “Is that you?” she asked. “While the rest of us are older, you haven’t changed,” Nancy added. With other people around, I wasn’t quite sure who she was addressing. Deborah whispered, “Dad, she’s walking over here. Her eyes are locked on you.” Then, it clicked. Nancy. Basically, the same. Hair different. A touch of silver, here and there. I introduced her to Deborah, and that we were waiting on the rest of the crew. Nancy motioned to her husband, Tom, to come join us.

Nancy asked Deborah if I told her about the time we skipped the first day of school to see Chicago at Caribou Ranch. “Your dad was so kind to invite me. The funny thing was the other kids read too much into our absence. But, of course, high school is that way.”

After everybody met everybody, Nancy mentioned needing to meet later for a proper evening. “You’ve made my day,” she whispered.


Miss Calico’s clock says it’s 8:53.

The Tidy Cat clock says it’s 10:17.

Perhaps the musical question needs to be asked, like the band, Chicago, asked here.

Side Note

My sis, Ginny, won a pair of tickets to attend the informal show Chicago was taping at Caribou Ranch, near Nederland in 1973. The show was on her first day of class, at the start of her sophomore year in college. Ginny was wondering who she could give the tickets to. Though I raised my hand high, she thought about giving the tickets to her best friend. Her friend couldn’t take them because she had to work her shift. Ginny, reluctantly, let me have the tickets. Nancy and I skipped our first day of school (high school) to attend. We met the band during one of the taping breaks. Better yet, I got a kiss from Nancy for a great day.