Christmas Night

A slower, relaxed day. Not really.

It began early as any other day. Laurie had rounds, with three of her patients spending their holidays in the hospital. While she could have tasked it to one of her residents, Laurie said it was the least she could do. One had come into her care in a bad way; the other two, they couldn’t wait until after Christmas, let alone after New Year’s, for their procedures. When she was a young resident, Laurie often drew the short straw for rounds. Her supervising doc said taking on the rounds during the holidays would make her better. If he could see her today, he would be proud of Laurie leading her four residents on rounds – teaching them the finer points of dedication.

Once home, Laurie donned her chocolatier hat. The girls, back from the barn, warmed themselves by the fire. Once warmed, they poked around the kitchen for a quick breakfast. Andrea was giving her older sis, Madelyn, a walking tour of the house. The pups, Will and Jasmine, they were ready for their walks. A fast cup of coffee, and we would be away on the walk. Just another day at home.

Our dinner table was much more manageable this Christmas. My dad and Madelyn were our guests. Tara asked if we, the ‘rents, were wearing the Christmas socks she had gotten us. I said we were. Elizabeth said, “Don’t trust them, Tara.” It didn’t take long for us ne’er-do-wells to be off to the races when Tara checked to see. Madelyn said the three of us were bad.

With the glow of the crackling fire, our home was quieting. “Another great Christmas,” Andrea said softly. Laurie and I nodded in agreement. We continued to watch the dancing flames a little longer. “Hey, you are wearing your Christmas socks,” Andrea said smilingly.

“Aren’t you?” I replied.  Andrea showed us the red socks she was wearing. No Christmas designs, no winter designs.

We hope everyone had a blest Christmas.



Christmas Night

Chocolate wafted throughout the house in the morning.  In the afternoon, the scent of a rib roast.  Boxes moved around, furniture hastily arranged. And, careful not to step on a stray kitty jingle ball.

Our dinner table was a little tight, but we managed. With the open design of our kitchen, Laurie, Andrea and I ate there. Occasionally, the three of us got to laughing too much. Andrea’s parents, my dad, Bella and our daughters got to wondering what us ne’er-do-wells were laughing about. “Nothing …”, followed by more laughing.

With the lights low, our home begins to quiet amidst the crackling fire. Laurie, Andrea and I softly talk of the past few days, how good they have been. And, how good this Christmas has been. “Tom and Judy were right,” Andrea begins. “Only a few days here, I love it so.”

We hope your Christmas was joyful and blest.