Christmas Ready

A cold evening. A crackling fire in the hearth.

With music cranked to semi-loud, time to decorate for Christmas. The pups, Will and Jasmine, it is their first Christmas. The kits, they are familiar with the season. Bringing a tree indoors is extra special for them all. The lights, the ornaments, both are tempting. “Wait until the presents come out,” Tara says. “The risk of mayhem,” Deborah replies.

Jasmine helping with the lights

Strung with 800 mini-lights, around 100 ornaments, the tree was finished three and a half hours later. There will be a couple more days of fussing with the ornaments, and picking up those that have mysteriously fallen on the floor.

Good news – the tree is still standing.

A little decorating of the barn followed, mostly with more lights and a few ornaments here and there.


Waiting for Christmas

They patiently wait for Santa to arrive with treats, catnip and toys. The best way to be good is to nap and look cute …

Midnight, Susie Q, Tuxie, and Pinky


They watch the colors …




… wandering what Santa will leave under the tree …


Until the appointed hour arrives, we offer our best of greetings to all …



A Color of Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun in earnest, with 27 days remaining until the big day. And, we’re beginning with our preparations …

getting some light in the laundry/utility/plant room


close-up view


front and back


at leaf’s edge


on display


It’s important to keep certain Christmas season plants out of reach of the furry ones. We’re fortunate to have a kitty crew not interested in such things. We may add with a pink and white poinsettia as Christmas approaches, and if they’re on sale.