Blizzard Friday

After 2-3 weeks of spring weather, today was a reminder that winter is not quite over yet. Though we had wind-driven rain at the house and a dusting of snow, points northward to Denver and eastward into the plains were having a blizzard this morning. A certain project appointment, however, had to be kept regardless of the weather conditions.

heading into the plains: an icy SH 94 east of Colorado Springs, which closed 15 minutes later

While Deborah and Tara did some homework, Elizabeth made two chocolate pies. She had to make a pressing call, first, to Laurie at work, “where is the baking chocolate?” Of course, Elizabeth had first taste of her chocolate temptation.

Elizabeth’s first word: “tasty”

Not a bad afternoon treat.

“Thank you, princess.”


Easy Like Sunday

The chocolate temptations of our great Thanksgiving feast …

pre-dinner snacks – chocolate chip and chocolate-chocolate chip cookies


the dessert – chocolate roll with a white frosting filling


a mug of hot cocoa


Our Thanksgiving dinner was a much smaller affair. It was just us, the blended family – the girls, Andrea, Laurie and I. Our dinner was relatively quiet, rather unusual in that our dinner table has much laughter around it. May be it was those two chili peppers in the bread dressing. It had to be a good dinner with very little leftovers and two slices of chocolate roll remaining.

The chocolate temptation continued when Amanda, at the JN Ranch, had plenty of hot cocoa to go along with the remainder of the cookies.

after the morning ride – Deborah holding onto her mug of hot cocoa


The hot cocoa came in handy, this morning, with the cold winds blowing.


Notes of thanks

  • The herb-encrusted turkey, dressing and roasted corn by Andrea, and all things chocolate by Laurie.
  • Laurie for her expert carving skills. She has said the surgeon skills are handy when it comes to carving a turkey, roast or ham.


Easy Like Sunday

Remembering our great Thanksgiving feast …

roasted turkey with a ginger-infused teriyaki glaze


the table of sides


pre-dinner snacks of chocolate cupcakes


the dessert – chocolate cake with a frosting of chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache


When Andrea, Laurie and I pitched the idea of a Thanksgiving dinner of our blended family to our respective parents, there was a touch of skepticism. Despite their wariness of the idea, they agreed to the large family dinner. Our girls, Deborah, Elizabeth and Tara, were very receptive to the idea. The dinner unfolded nicely with lots of laughing. The other sign of success – very little leftovers and everything chocolate consumed.

A chance of another large family holiday dinner? May be, probably. Bella, Andrea’s sister, said her and Pauly (Bella’s husband) would like to host Christmas Day.


Notes of thanks

  • The turkey and glaze by Andrea, and all things chocolate by Laurie.
  • Laurie for her carving skills. Her steady hands and skills as a surgeon has paid off nicely.