Okay …

This Caturday is turning out to be unusual. What was seen today …

  • Decorations – someone already has their Christmas angel out.
  • Santa – someone, dressed in a Santa suit, walking along side of the road.
  • Petsmart – everyone seemed to be there, with most wearing a mask.

Could it be? “Nah, can’t be. That would be asking for too much.”

Caturday: A Rainbow Bridge Day

We awoke early.

Hours earlier, I had talked with our vet, Dr. Wasinger. A decision was made. The time had come to be kind.

Fifteen years ago, Pebbles, our original Siamese girl, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She was loyal and very loving. Pebbles was most protective of Deborah, Elizabeth and Kyle. They were, after all, her kittens. She had her place in bed, between Andrea and I, resting her head on her own pillow.

Many stories can be told. Pebbles had expensive tastes, ranging from custom-made leather handbags to fine gold jewelry. She also developed a taste for fresh canola oil, having a small saucer every morning. If it was infused with pork, chicken or beef flavors, so much the better. And, she loved her daily tuna. Pebbles especially enjoyed the dark pieces from fresh tuna.

Spoiled? Not a chance.

We have missed our Pebbles. For sixteen years, we were privileged to be her forever family.

Love you forever

mom, dad and the girls


Happy Birthday Musketeers!

Happy Caturday!

We are celebrating, today, the 15th birthday of our Musketeers – Maxie, Tuxie and Midnight.

lunch on the front porch (October 2005)

Maxie and Tuxie, sadly, are no longer with us. But, they are with us in spirit. Occasionally, we will feel our tuxedo boys brush against our legs. And, every so often, we might catch sight of them out of the corner of our eye. Once, it was Tuxie checking out the garage. Though he never saw North Ranch, Tuxie seemed to know what he was doing in the garage.

Midnight has kept the Musketeer tradition alive.

Forever loyal, faithful and steadfast. “All for one, one for all.”

Happy Birthday!


The tabby and the larger black cat having lunch with the Musketeers were older kittens themselves from another mom-cat in the neighborhood. They sort of kept an eye on them while living outdoors. Also, they taught the Musketeers everything they were taught, from playing to hunting, and everything in between.

Dino: Rainbow Bridge Day

Twelve years.

It has been that long, when we said farewell to our Siamese boy, Dino. Yet, we remember the day like yesterday. Days like that, you do not forget.

Dino was a fantastic cat. Loyal, loving, devoted. Best of all, he was a fun cat. He loved fresh scents. Gardenia was his favorite. One time, it seemed Dino sniffed all the scent from the plant before it had a chance to bloom fully. The other fresh scent he loved was the baby fresh of Deborah and Elizabeth. Sometimes you could find Dino taking his afternoon nap with them.

He had a less than steady relationship with Miss Egypt, so it seemed. They got along well enough, but were not the best of buds. For her part, Miss Egypt kept watch over Dino. She made sure the Musketeers didn’t bother him too much. In those last hours, the bond between the two was evident. Like between littermates.

Today also marks six months since dad passed. We remember that day too, like yesterday. Days you do not forget.

Dad and Dino got along very well. After all, Dino was the grandson.


Caturday: A Rainbow Bridge Day

She was a rescue cat. She was a sweet, very sociable and gorgeous tabby girl. She had strong purr motor. She always wore a smile. She was fun.

The commitment to a rescue is to be their forever, including the last day. Away with the girls in SoCal for four weeks of horse shows, both Laurie and Andrea said I needed to come home. Understanding the urgency, I flew home on short notice. Miss Egypt was family after all. Wearing tabby print didn’t matter. What mattered was to be there on the last day.

Miss Egypt had plenty of courage to go with her sassiness. The odds were extraordinarily long she could make it through. Dr. Ramsel said she could buy her an extra 2-3 weeks through intensive care, but it would be postponing the inevitable. The decision was to be kind.

napping with a smile

She has been missed mightily. The role of top cat remains unfilled, a position Miss Egypt made her own.

We love you and miss you very much.