Caturday: A Rainbow Bridge Day

She was a rescue cat. She was a sweet, very sociable and gorgeous tabby girl. She had strong purr motor. She always wore a smile. She was fun.

The commitment to a rescue is to be their forever, including the last day. Away with the girls in SoCal for four weeks of horse shows, both Laurie and Andrea said I needed to come home. Understanding the urgency, I flew home on short notice. Miss Egypt was family after all. Wearing tabby print didn’t matter. What mattered was to be there on the last day.

Miss Egypt had plenty of courage to go with her sassiness. The odds were extraordinarily long she could make it through. Dr. Ramsel said she could buy her an extra 2-3 weeks through intensive care, but it would be postponing the inevitable. The decision was to be kind.

napping with a smile

She has been missed mightily. The role of top cat remains unfilled, a position Miss Egypt made her own.

We love you and miss you very much.



Groundhog Day

Seems we’ve been here before … and before … and before …

The calendar says it’s February 2nd, Groundhog Day. It’s prediction day regarding how much longer winter will be, or how soon spring will arrive. Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous furry prognosticator of winter, predicted spring is just around the corner. For those emerging from the polar vortex, it is a well-received prediction. A few other groundhogs elsewhere saw their shadows, indicating another six weeks of winter. By coincidence, spring arrives in six weeks.

Will it be more winter?

In Colorado, March is the snowiest month with record snowfalls. The past few years, not so much, mostly due to a drought cycle in the west.

Or, will it be an early spring?

The American Robin, the first indicator of spring will begin arriving in the days ahead. The earliest of arrivals are those who winter over. The larger group of robins, arriving in March, will be those who have migrated from southern New Mexico or northern Mexico.

Traditionally, if the weather on February 2nd is bright and sunny, winter’s snow and frost would continue until the hiring of laborers six weeks later (vernal equinox) to prepare and plant the fields. If the weather is dark and cloudy, warmth and early rains will lead to an early thaw of the fields.

Today is sunny and bright, and warm, in Colorado. Will winter continue? The omen says it will. So does the private weather forecast.

Living in Colorado requires always being ready for snow. The snow shovel will continue to stand ready. And, the front-end shovel on the Kubota.

Caturday: Happy Birthday Egypt!

Today, our beloved Miss Egypt would have been 12 years old. She has been greatly missed since her passing nearly seven months ago.

Always sociable. Always friendly. Always good. She was singularly and fiercely devoted to her one. Sweet as she was, Egypt had the heart of a mighty lioness or tigress. She ran the house her way.

We were glad to have been her forever home.

Happy Birthday Egypt!

Caturday: The Gotcha Day

Another important day. It is the Gotcha Day for our much beloved Miss Egypt.

Eleven years ago, we adopted the tabby girl. She was resting and watching from her kennel space at PetSmart. Our eyes locked that first time. We walked to the end where a lilac Siamese was sleeping. She was a big one, which is not uncommon for lilac points. Her lilac-colored fur was certainly eye catching. I read the fact sheet on the Siamese. She needed to be the only cat. That wouldn’t work out with Dino, my Siamese boy.

We walked back out to look at the other cats at the adoption fair. Then, someone had brought in a Siamese family (momcat and her four baby kittens) that was living in his garage at home. He would have kept the family but already had five cats. We walked back to the kennel area where the tabby was. “Can I hold her?” I asked. “Certainly,” said the Dreampower volunteer. The tabby girl turned on her purr machine. At that moment, she became the one.

The added bonus, a pretty name – Egypt.

A farewell kiss from her foster, and so began the forever adventure with her one. Though we miss her, we’ll remember it was that first meeting of the eyes started it all.

Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Egypt!


Black Cat Saturday Night

A perfect autumn day turns into a spooky, dark night.

Then, it begins. Tiny ghosts and goblins, witches, and other assorted tricksters come out. They run from one door to another in hopes of receiving a treat. But, we keep out lights out.

One says to another, Don’t go there.”

“Why?” asks in reply.

“That’s where the only black cat in the world lives,” he answered back. “She knows who I am.”


“She watches everyday with the others.”

Do you suppose, Egypt, those little things have catnip in their bags?” Midnight asks.

“I don’t think so, Midnight. If they did, all the outdoor cats would be chasing them and taking their treats bag.”


Have a good Black Cat Saturday Night!


Groundhog Day

The forecast has been made. It will be an early spring as Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow and did not see his shadow. The media outlets, however, did not ask if any of the meterologists and climatologists at the National Weather Service saw their shadow.

Will it be another six weeks of winter …


… or an early spring?


We’ll have to wait and see.

The cats, though, do not make weather forecasts. They have other things to do …