Happy Gotcha Day: Susie and Pinky

They came as kittens.

baby Pinky

baby Susie

They grew into beautiful girls. One, a love bug. The other, a bit sassy.

love bug Susie

sassy Pinky

The six years have gone by much too quickly. We are glad they are part of our family. Many thanks to Colorado 9Lives for keeping them safe.



Easy Like Sunday

Keeping warm on a cold, wintry day.

Miss Susie Q


Also works when alone time is needed.


** This post of Easy Like Sunday marks the 100th edition of this feature. Many thanks who have read and liked our previous editions. It is much appreciated.

Traditional Friday Catblogging

Miss Susie watching the snow and cold …



A change of window didn’t seem to change the scene. Still snowy and cold outside.


Winter update

“A sliding car, even with 4-wheel drive engaged, is still a sliding car.”

Fortunately, we dodged our share of sliding cars when the roads were an icy mess on Wednesday and Thursday. Only the residential streets remain icy and snow packed, with the freeway and main arterials quite clean.

Though we’re seeing much more sun today, the deep freeze continues. Temperature wise, it’s the same as yesterday. Tomorrow will be more of the same, but with a return of the snow. The “warm” is expected to return next week Wednesday.

Traditional Friday Catblogging

“What weather change?”


Slice 25 degrees off the temperature, compared to yesterday, and add a stiff north wind with a freeze warning for tonight, it’s probably fair to say the seasons are changing. The cats don’t mind long as the sun keeps shining and keep their favorite spots warm.