Chasing The Sunset

From last month’s return trip from Atlanta for home.

twilight reflections on a Delta 737-800


on the tarmac in Atlanta, baggage loading for the flight home on a Delta Airbus A320


heading west, chasing the sunset


About the photos

These were taken using a BlackBerry Q10.


Riding The Storm

Already running 30 minutes late, last Thursday, we left Atlanta in the sunset twilight. During his welcome aboard introduction, the captain said our late departure was caused by some heavy weather that we would encounter about halfway through the flight. He hoped we wouldn’t be bounced around too much as we navigate our way through the storm front.

The flight was rather quiet, about half full. Looking out the window, you could see lightning in the distance. It was not long afterward we began to feel the buffet of winds that accompanied the storm. Soon, the flashes of lightning seemed to be everywhere, especially the cloud-to-cloud kind.

Each bolt of lightning illuminated the thunderstorm clouds. There were towering clouds, others that appeared to be boiling up from below. Combined with the darkness of the night sky, the way ahead seemed very foreboding. It was quite apparent the captain and co-pilot was weaving us around the roughest weather. About 45 minutes later, we were clear of the stormy weather.

Arriving an hour and 15 minutes late, it appears we weren’t diverted into the “Twilight Zone”. At least, I don’t think so. A couple of things, though, do seem to be “off” a little.


From Atlanta –


“Very, very handsome,” she said, while bestowing a kiss on the cheek.*


It’s another trip, of the business kind, to Atlanta (formerly known as “South of Easton“) for the week. The plus of the trip: avoiding winter’s return tomorrow. The minus of the trip: the time zone change on top of the switch to daylight savings time.


May everyone have a good week ahead.

* The compliment, while generally reserved for Maxie or Tuxie, was sweet of Deborah. Perhaps, I should wear a dark business suit every morning.

Atlanta Interlude

The trip to Atlanta was all too brief. But, business trip itineraries are generally that way.

in the landing pattern at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (Tue, Oct 15 2013)


Delta 767 being rolled back from its gate at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (Wed, Oct 16 2013)


With the focus of the trip being business, taking photos wasn’t high on the priority list. The two shots I was aiming for came out better than I expected. But when you shoot between 24-36 shots, something is bound to be decent. The hardest part was trying to get a shot where it doesn’t seem you’re shooting through an aircraft window and the wing is not in the frame. The photo through the terminal window, it’s much easier to shoot between streaks on the glass.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a chance to see and sample Atlanta. Perhaps another time when the itinerary is less busy.


About the photos

The photos were taken using an HP Photosmart E417 digital camera. While it’s pretty much outdated as a digital camera, it’s still capable of taking a decent shot.