Easy Like Sunday

“As they stood there puzzled about this, two men in brilliant clothes suddenly appeared by their side. Terrified, the women bowed their heads to the ground. But, the two said to them, ‘Why look among the dead for someone who is alive? He is not here; he has risen.’ ” (Luke 24: 4-6, The New Jerusalem Bible)

Through His resurrection, He made all things new and He made all things possible.
May your Easter be blessed and holy.

Snow Day

With the 2017 MLB season beginning, it is very appropriate to have challenging springtime weather. (The Rockies’ home opener is Friday, April 7.)

snow-covered: in the neighborhood (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

tree-bending snow: winter white (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

measuring the snow: 6+ inches (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

The snow ended in the late morning, followed by partial clearing in the early afternoon. With temperatures climbing into the mid-40s, the melt off began in earnest.

snow free feeder, nearly dry street (Tue, Apr 04 2017)

In the forecast, sunny and warmer (nearly 70) by Friday.

Blizzard Friday

After 2-3 weeks of spring weather, today was a reminder that winter is not quite over yet. Though we had wind-driven rain at the house and a dusting of snow, points northward to Denver and eastward into the plains were having a blizzard this morning. A certain project appointment, however, had to be kept regardless of the weather conditions.

heading into the plains: an icy SH 94 east of Colorado Springs, which closed 15 minutes later

While Deborah and Tara did some homework, Elizabeth made two chocolate pies. She had to make a pressing call, first, to Laurie at work, “where is the baking chocolate?” Of course, Elizabeth had first taste of her chocolate temptation.

Elizabeth’s first word: “tasty”

Not a bad afternoon treat.

“Thank you, princess.”

Birding Assignment: Up In The Sky

It is one of those things. You’re sitting at your desk, gazing out the window and watching birds fly back and forth. They are of all sizes, small and big. They range from sparrows to the large crows, who have begun to repopulate the region. (The crow population suffered horribly from the West Nile outbreak in 2003.) And, the robin population seems to be higher in numbers also.

robin: on sentinel watch (from Jun 2014)

Then, you see a large bird take flight, taking a direction which nearly goes overhead. You adjust your gaze at the large bird. Expecting to see a large crow, you are surprised by what you see. A bird with white head feathers and dark brown feathers on the body and wings. There is only one bird, or should I say raptor, fitting that description – a bald eagle. And, if there is one, there is another.

In this part of Colorado, an eagle, bald and golden, has not been seen for many, many years. The closest population is located at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, now National Wildlife Refuge, east of Denver.

The camera, that was in the other room, still in the camera bag. Ready for tomorrow’s all day practice session.

If it’s an eagle, we’re on watch now. Our neighborhood is an ideal hunting ground for raptors with plump doves and rock pigeons, squirrels and the like. Several Cooper’s Hawks have been hunting here for the past few years.

Chasing The Sun

My friend, Elisa, at Eleven Summer Roads loves a good sunrise and a good sunset. Sunrise, it is the promise of a new day with endless possibilities for the making. Sunset, the end of a day in which memories were made. From her recent travels, Elisa posted her sunrise and sunset images of Key West.

While not exactly a Key West sunrise or sunset, Colorado can occasionally produce a stunning sunrise and sunset, or two.

sunrise, from the front yard (Nov 01 2012)


sunset on the back deck (Sep 19 2012)


Most times, one does need to travel far to a find a good one.

Snow Daze

It was a forecast that was not missed, nor disappointed.

generic snow photo

With nearly 8-10 inches of snow, and drifts taking shape through the overnight, it was an early start to clearing the driveway. The plan was to drive Laurie and Andrea to work, and pick them up, like yesterday. A snow drift had formed around the Expedition, with the largest portion across the front end. After an hour of digging, about half the drift was shoveled away – and yet not knowing if there was any snow under the hood.

Nearly ready to start the Expedition after clearing the snow away from the exhaust, a bundled-up Laurie came outside and said her and Andrea had a snow day. Good enough. Also, the girls had another snow day with campus remaining closed, and all scheduled classes and activities cancelled for the day. All the school districts are closed for another day. And, much of the region is rather quiet as many businesses are closed, or on reduced hours.

generic snow photo

The snow has pretty much coated everything. No power interruptions, or flickering lights. All that remains is a cold, north wind and clearing away the snow.

The winter storm is now across Eastern Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. In blizzard form, the storm is nowhere nice as the name, “Kayla“, The Weather Channel has given her.

Time to tackle those drifts.



@16:10 MT – The snow total, up the amount to the 10-12 inch range. The four-foot drift that was in front of the garage door at 5:00 am reshaped itself into a solidly-packed two foot version. Also, the garage was reshuffled where all of our vehicles are indoors. The other deep drift was 3½ feet at the front steps. The larger drift of five feet is at the storm door into the backyard. We may need Mother Nature to cut it down to size. Another two inches of additional snow is expected tonight. Overnight temperatures are expected to be in the -5 to 5°F range.