Black Cat Friday

It is Friday the 13th, Black Cat Friday.

Midnight, the only black cat in the world
(official portrait)



Tuxie: Too Suddenly, Too Soon

A year has passed. Much of the shock has faded, but a touch remains. Tuxie’s missing presence is very noticeable too, from watching the world wake in the morning to chasing around the house to snaking on the lap in the evening. His quiet, laid-back personality is missed the most.

Maxie has missed his littermate brother the most. They did a lot things together since their kitten days. Tuxie and Midnight, they took turns bossing each other around. The trio lived true to their Musketeer title, always keeping an eye on each other.

watching the world: flying birds and melting snow

tucked in on a cold winter day

with the optic yellow

Tuxie was a happy cat, friendly once he got to know you. The boy wore his smile everyday. Since Deborah and Elizabeth wear their hair long, Tuxie loved to play with their French braid or ponytail. The braid and ponytail were exotic. Whenever Tara had her hair cut and styled, Tuxie would try to rub against her hair. He loved the scent of the hair product that was used.

Tuxie left too suddenly, too soon.

We love and miss you much.


Happy Birthday Musketeers!

The Musketeers – Maxie, Midnight and Tuxie – are turning 12 today. Time has flown by so quickly. They have grown into fine, loving kitties. Closely bonded, they have kept an eye on each other.



Tuxie, forever remembered and forever loved

Losing Tuxie, last August, most fortunately Maxie and Midnight handled it well. Whether they had sensed Tuxie’s short time, that can only be surmised. Maxie and Midnight have carried on in true Musketeer tradition.

the rare three-shot (September 2006)

Happy Birthday Musketeers!

mom and dad

Black Cat Monday: Halloween Edition

Midnight Cat Log – Supplemental:

Not much scary here, but plenty of activity. But, it is important to keep an eye out for the unusual and the unexpected.

In years past, Halloween has been synonymous with winter white and cold. According to our resident staff, Halloween 1973 came with a blizzard leaving 15 inches of snow and temperatures reaching below zero in its wake. Not exactly trick-or-treat weather. Two years later, the blizzard came a week before Halloween. Though warmer weather came afterward, the remaining icy spots on the sidewalks made for a tricky walk. Over the last ten years, the weather has been far from frightful. Nice, pleasant days and nights of autumn weather instead.

Our scary this Halloween are the sounds of re-roofing from our contractors the past few days. The loud noises should come to an end tomorrow.

Black Cat Friday

It is a Black Moon Friday.

before a New Moon: a waning crescent (5:50 am, Sep 21 2015)

Our resident black cat, Miss Midnight, says it should really be a Black Cat Friday. There are no other kind of Black Friday’s except for the black cat kind.

Miss Midnight, top cat regent

Black moons occur when there is a second new moon in the same month. The lunar orbit cycle is 28 days. The first new moon of this month occurred on September 1.

While some conspiracy theorists have suggested this marks the beginning of the end times, they may have forgotten about the last two (January and March 2014).¹ If you are a student of Greek mythology, new moons are associated with the Greek goddess, Hecate. She is the goddess that oversees crossroads, magic, ghosts and the dead. Hecate continues to play a part in the Wiccan tradition. For those living in the Eastern Hemisphere, this occurrence of the black moon will be in October.²

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  2. from the CNET article on the black moon

“It was all so unexpected …”

… and so much more.

It was meant to be a very routine visit. We would be in-and-out, and back home in less than 45 minutes. Our previous visits were all like this, and this would be no different.

The day began early as normal. The kitties were taken care of first – their breakfast, fresh water at all four stations, the litterbox scooped and freshened with baking soda. As his habit, Tuxie waited patiently for his fresh water. With him, you have to be plenty quick with a bowl of fresh water. The rest of the morning unfolded as close to normal and quiet as it does on most weekdays.

While storm clouds began to build, around noontime, Tuxie settled in for his nap in the hideaway box, in the patio. The hideaway box served as a shelter for him and his two littermates, Maxie and Midnight, when they transitioned in from the outdoors many years ago. They continue to use it as a their quiet hideaway. Miss Egypt also used it as her secret quiet place.

It is with great sadness, and great shock, to announce the passing of my handsome boy, Tuxie, on Monday, August 29, at 14:45, at our vet’s office. He passed away from a cascading respiratory failure. It was clearly so unexpected. I had anticipated, that it would be a routine visit. Dr. Ramsel would ask how things were going at home after losing Miss Egypt. Instead, it was an emergency situation.

This was not your ordinary, overstress situation. Listening to Tuxie’s lungs, Dr. Ramsel could hear crackles which indicate fluid in the lungs. An x-ray revealed half of his lungs were filled with fluid, and likely resulting from an underlying disease process or the presence of a tumor. A rapid application of oxygen slightly eased the shortness of breath but was not enough to slow or halt the cascading respiratory collapse. Dr. Ramsel was prepared to insert a kitty chest tube, but she needed to stabilize Tuxie first. Unfortunately, he slipped away to the other side.

After breakfast, Tuxie began the day like he always did – watching his world wake up. He listened to birds singing their morning songs, and watched them fly here and there. Tuxie watched his one take the trash to the curb for pick-up day with his “what-cha-doing” wonderment. And, he was glad when I acknowledged his watching.

He was quiet, unassuming and very happy. Like Miss Egypt, my boy struggled mightily to stay in the here and now. Tuxie, too, showed what life is all about. To live, to love and savor every moment of life – big, small and everything in between. Sadness had no place in his world.

Forever in our hearts
Tuxie, The Quiet Prince
July 25, 2005 – August 29, 2016


Happy Birthday Musketeers!

We celebrate our Musketeers, Maxie, Midnight and Tuxie, becoming 11 years old today. When we first saw them as tiny, three-week old kittens, little did we know they would  become part of our family.

And, how have they grown into the beautiful (Midnight) and handsome (Maxie and Tuxie) cats they have become.




They are a tightly-bonded trio with their own individual personalities. While it doesn’t seem like it on some days, they genuinely look out for one another. When one goes to the vet for their annual check-up, the other two patiently wait at home.

They have earned and wear the title of Musketeer to the fullest.


Happy Birthday Musketeers!