Happy Birthday Egypt!

Our much loved Miss Egypt would have been 13 today. Greatly missed, our tabby girl is not far from our thoughts.

Always sociable and friendly, she was always ready for a visit. Miss Egypt, though, only had eyes for her one. And, yes, her spirit has come with us to the new house.

We were glad and much privileged to have been her forever family.

Happy Birthday, Egypt!



Miss Egypt: Yesterday & Today

Though it has been one year, it seems like yesterday. The loss of our tabby girl has been an enormous one. Her missing presence is most noticeable, from watching her world at a window to her power nap to her taking over a chair. Noticeably missed the most is her sassy personality.

Miss Pinky probably misses Miss Egypt the most. They would start most days with a wrestling match, one Egypt would always dominate and win. It would culminate with a short chase. In other feline matters, one look from her was enough to settle it.

executive laundry assistant: making sure the towels will make it into the wash

the power nap

a perfect shady spot

Always happy, friendly, active, fun – that was her personality. Miss Egypt always wore her tabby smile. If she saw a ruler or the yardstick out, it was time to play (loved anything wood). The girls found out Egypt also developed a love for leather tack gear (pricier the better). Using a throw pillow to save a chair or your spot on the couch, Egypt would love you later for your kind thoughtfulness for the cushy napping spot. Any cubby-hole on the desk was also right for a nap. Her purr machine – easy to start, hard to turn off.

Miss Egypt has left a mighty void. The role of top cat remains unfilled, a title and position Egypt made her own.

We love and miss you very much.


Caturday: Happy Birthday Egypt!

Today, our beloved Miss Egypt would have been 12 years old. She has been greatly missed since her passing nearly seven months ago.

Always sociable. Always friendly. Always good. She was singularly and fiercely devoted to her one. Sweet as she was, Egypt had the heart of a mighty lioness or tigress. She ran the house her way.

We were glad to have been her forever home.

Happy Birthday Egypt!

Caturday: The Gotcha Day

Another important day. It is the Gotcha Day for our much beloved Miss Egypt.

Eleven years ago, we adopted the tabby girl. She was resting and watching from her kennel space at PetSmart. Our eyes locked that first time. We walked to the end where a lilac Siamese was sleeping. She was a big one, which is not uncommon for lilac points. Her lilac-colored fur was certainly eye catching. I read the fact sheet on the Siamese. She needed to be the only cat. That wouldn’t work out with Dino, my Siamese boy.

We walked back out to look at the other cats at the adoption fair. Then, someone had brought in a Siamese family (momcat and her four baby kittens) that was living in his garage at home. He would have kept the family but already had five cats. We walked back to the kennel area where the tabby was. “Can I hold her?” I asked. “Certainly,” said the Dreampower volunteer. The tabby girl turned on her purr machine. At that moment, she became the one.

The added bonus, a pretty name – Egypt.

A farewell kiss from her foster, and so began the forever adventure with her one. Though we miss her, we’ll remember it was that first meeting of the eyes started it all.

Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Egypt!


Off The Saddle

Though we arrived later than we had planned, it was good to be home. Four weeks away, while it passed quickly, it was long enough. Another week away would have tested our endurance. Missing from our welcome home was, of course, Miss Egypt. Our always sociable, ready to visit tabby girl would have positioned herself right at the door, making it a bit hard to come inside.

Miss Egypt showing an inattentive Pinky how to greet the family

Both yesterday and today have been spa days for the girls. It is the opportunity to pamper themselves and not to be dusty and sweaty, with bits of hay here and there. They get to be young women with polished nails and nicely coiffed hair. Yet, it is not to say they are not analyzing and reanalyzing the video from the past few weeks of competition to improve their riding skills.

The few days off-saddle is also a chance for the girls to recover from the bumps and nicks they’ve picked up along way. Elizabeth has been riding with a moderate wrist sprain for the past three weeks, which has finally begun to feel much better.

wrapped with care: Elizabeth’s wrist support made from horse wrap boots

While we carry a variety of velcro wraps and miles of adhesive tape (for horse and rider), the best wrist wrap for Elizabeth was fashioned out of a new pair of horse wrap boots. With a little tape, it provided the maximum support for her wrist when it was very sore.

Similarly, the horses are having their spa days to be just regular horses. No fences to jump, no exercise routines to repeated over and over. Tomorrow, they will have a vet check-up and a farrier check-up.

athletic but just regular horses: Comet and Mr. Ed enjoying the days off

It’ll be back to work on Sunday as practice begins anew for a show in two weeks. The show will be used as a tune-up for the two shows in Iowa, in August.

Notes From Home

Away from home for such a long time, there are always a few concerns about how things are faring. Naturally, there are concerns regarding family, the furry ones and the house. While planning the show schedule, we try anticipate for many things – both on the road and at home. One of the lessons of life is being organized as much as possible. It takes away a bit of the unexpectedness one will encounter. Nonetheless, when the unexpected happens, it is a bolt out of the blue.

It is with very great sadness to announce the passing of my beautiful Miss Egypt, yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, June 22 at 17:20 MDT. I flew home on Tuesday after talking with Andrea and Laurie on Sunday and Monday. Egypt developed acute kidney failure, a condition she carefully hid. Every part of her daily life unfolded in a normal manner in the days before – playing, sleeping and eating, all without missing a beat.

Miss Egypt fought valiantly to overcome her condition and the sedatives calmly taking her to the other side. In the final goodbye last evening, my princess slept with her eyes sweetly closed with her beautiful smile. Many tears have been shed at home, and in SoCal among my other princesses and their Auntie Bella. The bond between Miss Egypt and I was a very strong and enduring one. She will be greatly, greatly missed. And, though we still have the pater of cat feet in our home, it has become much too quiet without hers.

Though her condition was beginning to steeply decline on Wednesday morning, Miss Egypt found the energy and alertness to greet and meet the early morning song of a robin singing near her viewing spot in the greenhouse. She listened and watched carefully, locating the singer with her ears first and then with her eyes. In this small moment, Egypt showed what life is all about. It is to love and savor every moment – big, small and everything in between. And, Egypt showed her strength at life’s end – struggling to love and be loved.

Forever in our hearts
Miss Egypt
Jan 14, 2004 – Jun 22, 2016


National Donut Day

Not exactly an important day, but important nonetheless. It is National Donut Day.

donuts, mmm …

more donuts, mmm …

It is best consumed with your favorite beverage.

Several years ago, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who railed against snack foods, soda, and other assorted items that he deemed to be harmful, banned “oversized” sodas in the morning yet fully embraced National Donut Day a scant hour later. Perhaps, it was those free Krispy Kreme donuts that were calling to him.

Moreover, it is a special day that is cat-approved.

Miss Egypt enjoying her cake donut

Hostess Donuts, look around enough, you will be able to find them.