Easter Sunday

“Where the evening fades, You call forth songs of joy
As the morning wakes, we Your children give You praise”

“Who compares to You, who set the stars in their place
You who calmed the raging seas, that came crashing over me

Who compares to You, You who brings the morning light
The hope of all the earth, is rest assured in Your great love”

When all things are made new again, may you have a very blessed Easter.


Words from the song Magnificent, composed by Darlene Zschech of Hope UC, for Revealing Jesus. The song may be viewed here.


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!

No fooling!

Today, Susie and Pinky are eight years old. They have become beautiful kitty girls. It seemed like yesterday they were baby kittens.

Miss Pinky

Miss Susie

Susie is a lovebug. Pinky is learning to be a cat-in-charge.


Happy Birthday Susie and Pinky!


National Pancake Day

Three, four, five … mostly four. Topped with a slab of butter and drenched with syrup.

plated and served: Laurie’s breakfast

If you’ve already had breakfast, it is versatile enough to be served for lunch or dinner. Deborah and Elizabeth enjoyed having them for dinner, with link sausages and scrambled eggs, when they were little. I suspect a certain trio of medical students have had pancakes when they couldn’t decide on what to have for dinner.

It’s National Pancake Day, Spring Edition. Also, the day one can score free pancakes at IHOP.

Have a great National Pancake Day!


Watching Time

watching: time in motion

Side Note

If you remember Nancy from the previous post, Clocking, she ran into Deborah and I after Sunday Mass, this morning, while we were waiting for the others. “Is that you?” she asked. “While the rest of us are older, you haven’t changed,” Nancy added. With other people around, I wasn’t quite sure who she was addressing. Deborah whispered, “Dad, she’s walking over here. Her eyes are locked on you.” Then, it clicked. Nancy. Basically, the same. Hair different. A touch of silver, here and there. I introduced her to Deborah, and that we were waiting on the rest of the crew. Nancy motioned to her husband, Tom, to come join us.

Nancy asked Deborah if I told her about the time we skipped the first day of school to see Chicago at Caribou Ranch. “Your dad was so kind to invite me. The funny thing was the other kids read too much into our absence. But, of course, high school is that way.”

After everybody met everybody, Nancy mentioned needing to meet later for a proper evening. “You’ve made my day,” she whispered.


“Things as certain as death and taxes can be more firmly believed.”
Benjamin Franklin

With our tax documents in order, the best time to have our 2018 tax return prepared was now. Not at a later date, but now. If there is the slightest belief additional taxes are owed, it is best to have the return completed ahead of time. Delaying to the last moment only assures a simple mistake will be made while rushing to finish a return. Most mistakes are simple arithmetic errors, or a box that should be checked is left unchecked (or vice versa). However, if there is a belief a refund may be in order, an early filing is highly suggested.

Since we have a more complicated return, we have our tax returns prepared. While simplification of the IRS tax code has been suggested nearly every year, rarely does it get that far. One group or another always seeks to preserve its exemption. A return, more recently, became a bit more complicated when proof of health insurance was included with the array of needed tax documents. If a person could not provide proof of health insurance, or provide an exemption certificate, an escalating penalty is assessed.

Susie helping with the filing away … maybe

Count it as an important task completed.

Happy Birthday Egypt!

Our tabby girl, Miss Egypt, would have been 14 today. She remains much loved.

Miss Egypt was very sociable and friendly. Any visitor to the house had to be ready to play with her. Before bedtime, Egypt would always bring a toy with her. She would play with her toy, in bed, before falling asleep.

We were glad and much privileged to have been her forever family.

Happy Birthday, Egypt!


Hail and Farewell

In less than three hours, this year will come to an end. A new year will be ushered in. Both, barely recognizable in the smooth procession of time.

The first day, of a new year, holds considerable promise. It is the beginning of a new land waiting for discovery. We are the explorers. The adventures will be many. The disappointments and setbacks will test our character. Our focus, to make today a good day, and tomorrow a better day.

to light our path ahead

After our family celebration and sharing of kisses, we will settle into the quiet on this cold, wintry night. Our comfort, our love for one another. The closeness of our family, our strength. We were made better by the experiences of the past year. The new experiences of the coming year awaits. We believe we are ready.

May the new year be a good one, and one for making good memories.

Many blessings to all.