Red, White & Blue Classic: Fan Appreciation Day

A special post by Tara Scott Westin.

They have watched over the past three weeks. Many come every day. Following their favorite horses. Following their favorite riders. They are awed. They are inspired. To catch a glimpse. To be near. To be close. The special romance. The special magic of the equestrian way.

Olivia, longtime follower with Brie (Rancho Mission Viejo RP, Jun 29 2021)


making friends, falling in love (Rancho Mission Viejo RP, Jun 29 2021)


Griffin sneaking a treat to Captain Andrew (Rancho Mission Viejo RP, Jun 29 2021)

Deborah, Elizabeth and I love this part of the equestrian way. Horses, horses and more horses. The stories are many. Mostly funny. A few serious. There is nothing more special than to be in their presence.

Tuesday was Fan Appreciation Day, a chance to connect with fans and followers. Granted, most of those who watch are friends and families. The June Classic and the Red, White & Blue Classic also draws many horse aficionados. It is a privilege to meet those who follow and support our sport.

Brie, she has her own following. My girl is magical.

About the author

Tara Scott Westin is a fourth year medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in Biology in 2017.

She is a highly decorated equestrian with the Rustler Riding Club. In 2006, Tara became the only non-competitive rider to win the Comeback Rider of the Year. She has won Rider of the Year and Regulator of the Year awards, in addition to winning multiple blue ribbons and placement ribbons with Brie, Cameron, Candace (Happy Girl) and Shelby.