The Saugerties: Champagne Spray

In the waning Saturday evening twilight, the daughters asked for the other 29 riders from the FEI Grand Prix to join them around the winner’s podium. Behind the podium, Griffin had placed three magnums of champagne and another two cases of champagne. After the first magnum was opened, the spray was on.

champagne celebratory spray (The Saugerties, Jun 05 2021)

After the spray, the daughters distributed champagne bottles from the two cases. The second magnum was opened, red Solo cups generously filled. Once everyone had their bottle of champagne and red Solo cup, Elizabeth offered up the toast. “If we may not pass this way again, we want to thank each of you for your kindness, friendship, camaraderie,  professionalism, and generosity. You brought out the best in us, and we hope we did the same for you. We thank you for this experience. We are very, very appreciative and blessed. Cheers to all!”

The celebration continued on for another hour. A lot of visiting. When the temporary stadium lighting flickered, it was our signal to go home.

4 thoughts on “The Saugerties: Champagne Spray

    • Most of the podium celebrations are staid affairs. The 1-2-3 finishers wave their bouquet, and that is the celebration. The champagne sprays often happen at National Shows and other major events, like World Cup Finals or Nations Cup Finals. Though 50% capacity was allowed, still not too many fans and followers came. A few brought their families. The daughters wanted to celebrate a little. Many of the riders were going to other places for shows, a few heading home for being on the road for 8-12 weeks.

      Thanks, Mitch.

    • My daughters wanted to celebrate a little with those they competed with, and visit with them. Anytime a magical moment can be had, you take it.

      Thanks, Anne. 🙂 🐴🐎

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