A Winter Sunrise

The blizzard quietly crept away in the dark, replaced by a thick blanket of fog, which in turn was slowly pulled back. Revealed in the early morning light, the winter white left in its wake.

sunrise over the winterscape (North Ranch, Mon March 15 2021)

Much of Monday was devoted to clearing away snow, clearing away a few drifts. They were mostly in the 2-3 foot range. A few were higher.

It seems our jump into the next ice age was only temporary.

4 thoughts on “A Winter Sunrise

    1. A very beautiful start to the day. It was brutal for those who foolishly ventured onto the highway. I-70 closed from Denver to the Kansas line, that’s pretty normal with a blizzard or heavy snow. I-25 from COS to Denver, in between closures, is always a difficult drive when it gets to snowing. (I made a few those in my younger days.) If you really want to see what it was like, the previous post, “Time Shifting,” will give you a feel for what is like, here at North Ranch.

      Thank you, Tina. We like the snow so much, we’re expecting another 1-3 late this afternoon into tonight. 🙂

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