Time Shifting

Making the change from standard time to daylight time. Either we advanced one hour, or we made the jump to the next ice age.

A lull in the blizzard conditions this morning. Wind at 35 with gusts to 60. Temperature 30°F, wind chill 2°F. A few minutes later, the heavy snow picked up again, making for a blinding snow storm. The black on the road surface is not asphalt, but rather a sheet of ice overlaying gravel. Conditions haven’t changed much since.

9 thoughts on “Time Shifting

  1. Seems like you jumped into an ice age. It’s cold down here, but nothing like you have.

    1. If we had the bitter cold temps from last month, it would be like we jumped into the ice age.
      Thanks, Tim. 🙂

  2. We are back up to 70 and 80 degrees here in San Antonio–so no ice age this time, just a time change. .
    However, exactly 4 weeks ago, in February, we experienced 6 days of rare sub-freezing temperatures.
    This area doesn’t usually get that cold, so there was a lot of damage done in that short period of time.
    In addition to the freezing cold, from Monday Feb 15 through Thursday Feb 18, we had rolling power blackouts and houses with no heat. Pipes that builders thought they didn’t need to bury deep into the ground—broke and began to leak. I saw photos on the news of the inside of some houses with icicles hanging down from ceiling fans.
    But then, by Saturday and Sunday, the weather went back to normal (with temperatures returning to approximately 70 degrees (F). Unfortunately, on top of everything else, that short burst of sub-freezing temperatures left everyone with a lot of dead and dying plants. Palm trees and warm weather plants that usually do well here, were severely damaged or killed by the 2 ice storms and 2 snow storms that occurred during those 6 days. I lost a lot of plants in my yard too. It’s sad.

    1. My father in law lives in San Antonio area, along with my sister in law and brother in law. By good fortune, they came out okay from the deep freeze, no frozen pipes. The animals, though, complained to them about the cold inside the house. We had a piece of that bitter cold. There were the usual burst water pipes from the cold. My sister, Ginny, had a burst water pipe in the studio cottage at the back of her property. Fortunately, homeowners insurance will cover the loss. The weather guessers says we should get back to normal temps by next weekend.

      1. Weather guessers! That’s an excellent name!
        While I was growing up, my father worked for the ‘Weather Bureau” (now called NOAA). People were always asking him about the weather, and most of the time–he ended up being wrong.
        Finally he starting saying this (to anyone who asked): “Here is what I know for sure….today and probably for the rest of the week, there is a 50% chance of weather. I’m not God.” 🙂

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