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Mom was an avid reader. She loved good storytelling. From James Michener (The Hawaiians, Shogun) to Mario Puzo (The Godfather) to William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist). If she had a favorite author, it was Stephen King. Her reading included The Stand, The Green Mile, Firestarter, Carrie, It, Christine, Misery, Thinner and Cell. And, of course, she read the Dark Tower series.

While mom liked a good horror story, she liked a good mystery too. All things that go bump in the night are not necessarily scary. They largely fall under the headings, explained and unexplained. But, if you find yourself in the Twilight Zone, well, then, you are in a predicament. Especially if Rod Serling, standing off to the side, is explaining your role in the scene to be played out.

She had a limit on how scary, how dark, a story she would read. One with very vivid imagery, mom would likely pass on, though she did read The Exorcist. She laid down that book at least an hour before bedtime.

Reading personal accounts of premonitions intrigued her, notably from young children who couldn’t quite grasp what they were experiencing. Roughly a week before her passing, she awoke from her sleep, asking my dad “who had died.” He replied, “No one died.” She asked about the cats. “The cats are fine. They live with David, at his house.” Then, she asked about Kyle. Dad answered again. “She’s been gone a long while.”

More alert, walking to the living room to sit, mom said, “I saw Kyle. She’s a beautiful girl. She’s a lot like Deborah and Elizabeth.” When I brought her coffee and toast, she told me she saw Kyle. Mom also said I need to find a way to win back Andrea.

Five years ago, today, mom passed away during her afternoon nap. Did she have a premonition of what was to come? Perhaps. Very eerie, bordering on the coincidental. On her reading table, four unread Stephen King novels.

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    1. The borderlands, I like that word to describe the fuzzy area that divides the temporal plain. Thank you, Lavinia.

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