Sunday Morning Coming Down

The new year. A decade coming to an end. Fresh. Exciting. With promises beckoning. And, the making of new dreams and memories.

Many of the restaurants in Old Colorado City, are very crowded over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season. Especially those featuring live music. One of our favorites was among them. They had been featuring their house band every night since Thanksgiving. While they played on the two biggest nights, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, they had a pair of nights off during the two week, holiday stretch. A recently expanded stage and a new sound system made for a better experience.

Chris had asked, weeks earlier, if Elizabeth would like to be the featured singer on the two nights when their house band was off. The two nights, the Sunday before New Year’s Eve and New Year’s evening. It didn’t take long for her to accept the offer.

The Sunday night performance was a sort of a dress rehearsal for Elizabeth. A strictly acoustic session of her favorites. The forty-five minute session went well. Chris said for those wanting more, come back on New Year’s night.

It wasn’t the first time Elizabeth had sung in public. Four times in high school, on music night. Six times on BBQ Karaoke Night in Texas. A few short sets here. This was different. A full blown concert show. The plan was for a show lasting one hour and forty-five minutes, featuring the Fleetwood Mac music catalog. And, a few, other favorites.

First order of business, a band to provide a fuller sound. We knew who to call. They were the other members of a contemporary worship music group Andrea and I had been with. Both Blake and Barry had done nightclubs before. The second order of business, rehearse. Knowing the songs, but having a smart, professional sound mattered. Stylistically, we modeled our sound after Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band in the UK. Rumours does Fleetwood Mac better than Fleetwood Mac.

Performance night came soon enough. Earlier in the afternoon, we did our sound check. Played a loud, fast song. Played a soft, slower song. The sound levels were very good. It was a very live room.

All the important people were there. Laurie, Tara and Deborah. Andrea’s parents, George and Angela. My dad, Ginny and her daughter. Bella and Madolyn, Andrea’s sisters. Mark and Trish, the riding instructors. Megan, all-around friend. At least, part of the audience would be friendly.

The lights lowered in the restaurant, we began playing an overture of Fleetwood tunes. Off stage, Elizabeth, was readying herself, listening for her queue. “Front Range is proud to present Elizabeth Ksenia Ramos.” The first three numbers, Dreams, Gypsy and Landslide. An enthusiastic applause followed. There were smiles, all around. The next two, Sara and Edge of Seventeen. Elizabeth introduced the program, the Fleetwood Mac songbook. When the lights came up before the last song, before intermission (at 55 minutes), we saw how crowded it had become. It was standing room only.

At intermission, it was a wardrobe change and a hairstyle change for Elizabeth.

After intermission, for the next two hours, it was her show. Elizabeth kept her speaking parts to a minimum. The longest part was introducing the rest of us.

The concert ended shortly after 11. The audience, which had grown during intermission, asked for another encore. Elizabeth gently said we’ve run out of music for the night. If Front Range has us back, come then.

And, yes, you may add singer to her list of talents.

Official Music Video

The official music video from the concert. Little Lies composed by Christine McVie and Eddie Quintela.

The band

Lead vocals, keyboards: Elizabeth Ramos
Lead guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals: David Ramos
Keyboards, backing vocals: Andrea Kanakredes
Guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals: Blake Olsen
Bass, acoustic guitar: Barry Olsen
Bass, percussion: Kelly Fines
Drums, percussion: John Edward Payne
Backing vocals: Julie Myers, Teresa McKay

Side Note: A return date during the summer was planned, but Front Range was unable to meet the physical distancing requirement. They have kept Elizabeth booked as their first artist back.

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    1. Thank you, Lavinia. It is hard to believe it has been a year when we did the show. For a couple of weeks, I had different songs running through my head. You can’t exactly stop whatever you’re doing and break into song, lol, though I have thought about it. 🙂

      BTW, I just love, love your name.

    1. Dad tries not to be too talented, at least that’s what he says. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words.

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