Happy Gotcha Day: Susie and Pinky

It is the Gotcha Day for Susie and Pinky.

They were the last of their litter to find a forever home. Whatever the reason was, they were being “overlooked,” which is very unusual for Siamese. It was our good fortune.

baby kitten days (Dec 2011)

They’re sweet kitties, each very affectionate. Pinky is the more assertive while Susie is the love bug. They complement each other very well. While they play well with each other, they do play well by themselves. Occasionally, there will be a hiss between the two when there is an annoyance. It doesn’t happen often.

Susie (Fall 2019)


Pinky (Fall 2019)

The nine years have passed too quickly.

We are thankful and grateful Colorado 9Lives kept them safe for us until we could bring them home.

Happy Gotcha Day Susie and Pinky!


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