An Autumn Walk

This evening, Laurie and Andrea returned to Aurora. It is back to work tomorrow morning.

Earlier, we had taken a walk in the woods. The girls were ahead of us, trail riding. We didn’t say much during our walk. Simply taking in what we saw. The last of fall colors. A flight of geese. “I am going to miss this place,” Laurie said quietly. Andrea nodded in agreement.


Our circuitous path brought us back home. One hour to walk the five-mile path wasn’t a bad time. After warming up, Laurie and Andrea finished their packing while I was pulling together an early dinner. Pork fajitas, homemade salsa. Apple crisp for dessert. Pure comfort food.

Except for the fire crackling in the hearth, tonight has been fairly quiet. Tara is reading. Elizabeth reading her notes on horse prospects. Deborah softly playing the piano.

Laurie and Andrea are stepping back into a more desperate, more deadly situation.

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