One Year

… yet, it seems more like a few days ago when we said goodbye to Maxie.

Handsome. Brave. Easy. Funny. How we miss him so.

Maxie was a good hunter. He found his share of crickets and the occasional garter snake, even bringing his find into the house. And, how he loved to play. Maxie’s favorite game involved chasing, both as chaser and chasee. When he and Tuxie started playing chase, it was best to stay out of their way. They ran at full speed. When it came to work, he was the best office manager. You may believe he slept on the job, but he heard every word said, heard every step taken.

Forever a Musketeer. Forever loyal.

“All for one, one for all.”

7 thoughts on “One Year

  1. David, I now have the sack of golden daffodils to plant for your father and Tasha. Consider all your cats that have passed on included. I just have to pick a good spot and get to work. We are not that formal here, no signs or garden plaques, just a peaceful place to think back and remember.

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