Okay …

This Caturday is turning out to be unusual. What was seen today …

  • Decorations – someone already has their Christmas angel out.
  • Santa – someone, dressed in a Santa suit, walking along side of the road.
  • Petsmart – everyone seemed to be there, with most wearing a mask.

Could it be? “Nah, can’t be. That would be asking for too much.”

9 thoughts on “Okay …

    1. Well, at least it wasn’t before Halloween. The supermarkets are finishing up their clearance on Halloween candy. I picked up a bag of candy corn for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks, Anne.

  1. Christmas stuff has been out here since the first of October. They don’t waste time getting the Christmas stuff out. Traffic as gotten a lot heavier. I was sitting in slow traffic on I-40 watching the electronic sign flashing “Stay Home! Save Lives! Mask up! Limit Travel!” Everyone is good about wearing masks in stores, but people are paying no attention whatsoever to the “Stay Home” signs.

    1. The guy in the Santa suit, that caught me off guard. I would’ve taken a picture, but it’s kind of hard to drive and work a camera at the same time in traffic. The theme I’m using is Lodestar. I like the full-size header image it uses, but it has a narrower body width around 800px wide.

      Thanks, Tina.

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