The Other Fall Event

The other fall event, Election Day, is intimately connected with the weather too. It can be nice. It can be snowy. It can be brutally cold. The in-between days seem to be very few.

This Election Day, the weather has been a most splendid. Mostly sunny skies. Temps in the upper 70s. The clouds, the fair weather kind. A beautiful sunset.

The politics of the past four years has been most corrosive, chaotic and without purpose. Dad and I laughed quite a bit about the elected leaders, from the locals to the very top. Stupidity and idiocy does not discriminate among those in politics. Dad stopped voting, primarily for having to decide who is less stupid, who is less of an idiot. And, those tax amendments that keep appearing on the ballot, there was a reason why they failed the last time.

After all the counting is done, what matters is what has always mattered.

6 thoughts on “The Other Fall Event

  1. I agree with everything you have said here. I will always vote even when I do not think there is anyone I want to vote for. There were women who went to jail and suffered greatly and in England one woman threw herself in front of race horses and died for the suffragette cause. So for them I always vote. I hope that there will not be violence when the US election results are announced.

    1. I don’t think there will be any violence. The police presence across the nation has been quite heavy, including here locally. It should deter the extremist and anarchist elements. However, we have our share of boarded up businesses and apartment buildings just in case.

    1. I’m with you on marking the ballot. Didn’t like any of candidates for office. This time around, even the amendments were slim pickings. I did vote for expanding the reintroduction of gray wolves. The elk and deer population has exploded over the past few years due to the lack of natural predators like wolves and big cats. It has narrow lead over those opposing.

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