A Winter Storm

… and the calendar reads October, it must mean Halloween is ’round the corner.

In Colorado, history suggests Halloween and an early winter storm are synonymous. They aren’t. If the weather records are consulted, they would say the timing has been coincidental. There have been some very warm Halloweens also. And, a number in between, a classic mid-autumn day and night.

A pair of memorable winter storms leading into Halloween:

  • October 31, 1972 – A heavy snow begins at mid-morning. The accumulation by noon is six inches on the ground, with another 6-8 inches still forecasted. The forecasted low is -20° F/ -28° C, which was easily reached.
  • October 24, 1997 – A blizzard descends on the region before the Friday evening rush. The snow and ice quickly accumulates, bringing traffic on major arterials to a virtual standstill. I-25 is impassable. The blizzard conditions make motorists think twice about abandoning their vehicles. Most opt to stay in their car.

Call it nature’s trick or treat.

8 thoughts on “A Winter Storm

  1. The drought and fire season ended with a surprise when I woke up today, short bits of rain, misty and clouds all day. It is early this year, Thank God!

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