Caturday: A Rainbow Bridge Day

We awoke early.

Hours earlier, I had talked with our vet, Dr. Wasinger. A decision was made. The time had come to be kind.

Fifteen years ago, Pebbles, our original Siamese girl, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She was loyal and very loving. Pebbles was most protective of Deborah, Elizabeth and Kyle. They were, after all, her kittens. She had her place in bed, between Andrea and I, resting her head on her own pillow.

Many stories can be told. Pebbles had expensive tastes, ranging from custom-made leather handbags to fine gold jewelry. She also developed a taste for fresh canola oil, having a small saucer every morning. If it was infused with pork, chicken or beef flavors, so much the better. And, she loved her daily tuna. Pebbles especially enjoyed the dark pieces from fresh tuna.

Spoiled? Not a chance.

We have missed our Pebbles. For sixteen years, we were privileged to be her forever family.

Love you forever

mom, dad and the girls


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