Caturday: Happy Birthday Meezers

Say their names, Dino and Pebbles, friends and family knew who we were talking about. Brother and sister littermates, along with their other littermate, Bam-Bam, were born this weekend, in 1989.

Siamese, by persuasion. They had nominal control of the household. An early breakfast around 1:30 am. Regular breakfast, shortly after 7:00 am. At mid-morning, Dino required two strips of bacon. Pebbles, a little plate of fresh canola oil. Their early bird dinner served with a side of tuna (preferably Star Kist). Also, they were quite particular with the brand of kitty litter. Only Tidy Cats would do; anything else was considered to be an inferior product. Moreover, they could do no wrong.

They played hard. Practically every night, a chase at a zillion miles per hour, followed by an evening nap. The nap, of course, was getting ready for bedtime. And, bedtime meant they would claim most of the bed for themselves.


Later in life, they enjoyed the finer things. Pebbles had a fondness for leather handbags. She also had a literal taste for fine gold jewelry. Dino had a preference for freshly done laundry. Better yet, they both enjoyed the bassinette Deborah and Elizabeth used. A fine piece of furniture, absolutely perfect in size for two Siamese.

When someone says, “we had/have the best cats, without exclusion,” it is the picture of Dino and Pebbles next to the definition of best cats.

Though they’ve been gone for awhile, they are always fondly remembered.

Happy Birthday Dino & Pebbles!
You’re the bestest!

mom, dad & the girls

4 thoughts on “Caturday: Happy Birthday Meezers

  1. Hard for a non-cat-person to relate David – always been more of a dog-lover. My favorite images are those of dogs and cats peacefully cohabiting :-). Sadly because we are now travelers we have neither. We’ve promised ourselves when we slow down. Thanks to COVID that may be sooner rather than later but we’re still hopeful

    1. Before Dino and Pebbles, I would say I was more of a dog person. We had Peanuts, an Australian Shepherd mix for 16 years. He was around 2-3 when we adopted him. So, he had a long life. When the kitties came, I was ready for another animal. (The 9 yr layoff was long enough.) I have two GS now, 2 yrs old, which I haven’t wrote about, but have plenty of photos. They are brother and sister littermates. The cats have done an exceptional job of training them. Will was so sad when we lost Maxie last November. They were best of pals. Taking him on long walks with Jasmine helped out a lot. The good thing about living rural is they can walk off-leash. They’re on leash when we visit the vet, or they come along for a drive. 🙂

        1. It’s easier in making the adjustment, particularly if they were together beforehand, whether as littermates or play buddies.

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