At Twenty Six

She is a lovely, exceptional woman. Her eyes, warm and inviting. She is kind. She is generous. She is polite. She is faithful. Engaging, yet quiet and reserved. It is who she is, who she has become. Poised and confident.

walk through the woods (Aug 2013)

“A romantic,” Tara says, “is more than love and passion. It is listening to your heart and soul.”

And, listens she does. It is in her quiet moments when Tara is the most reflective. “We are made by our choices, good and bad, in the moment. In the end, we wouldn’t change a thing. If we did, we wouldn’t be who we are, and be where we’re at.” Deep wisdom and basic truth from a twenty six year old.

in a field of roses (SoCal, Jun 2015)

Tara can surprise too. Often, she calls both Andrea and I by our first names, which we don’t mind. When she’s called Andrea, mom, it truly warms Andrea’s heart, and makes her smile quite a bit. It makes her mom, Laurie, smile a whole lot too. And, she’ll occasionally call me dad. It makes my day.

Her songs of the moment is collection of songs by Phil Collins. “You’ll Be In My Heart” is Tara’s No. 1, closely followed by “Against All Odds” and “Do You Remember“.

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

Happy Birthday, Miss Tara!

mom and dad

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