Saratoga: Coming Home

Awake at 3:00 am. A very fast breakfast of granola bars and coffee. Elizabeth had her usual hot cocoa as her morning drink. On the road, it’s Swiss Miss.

Before leaving the rental, another check to make sure we had everything. For a few minutes, Tara couldn’t find her phone. We searched the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen. Tara emptied her bag. No phone to be found. Stumped, she reached into her pocket for a Kleenex. Lo and behold, Tara found her phone. In the pocket, in the jacket she was wearing. With a little kidding from the rest of us, Griffin gave her a high-five. Before we drove away, I asked Tara if she had everything. “Wait! Yes, I have everything.”

ready to go: luggage near the front door

We arrived at White Hollow Farm shortly after 6:00 am. The horse transport that would ferry the horses to the airport was already there. All of the gear was staged, along with two bales of premium feed hay, bedding hay and cedar chips. Once the horses, the gear and supplies was loaded, the signing of a couple forms completed the checkout process. Patricia, an assistant with Saratoga Horse Shows, said she hoped to see us next year.

The flight home, another trip on a Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777-200LR. The plane had flown in the night before, so there was no waiting. By 8:00 am, the horses, our personal gear, tack and supplies were loaded. On the flight, we were the only passengers.

At 8:25 am, Qatar Airways Cargo Flight 8097 SP, non-stop from Saratoga to Denver, departed the FedEx terminal.

somewhere over the Midwest

The flight home was rather quiet. Griffin was sorting through the paperwork. Sophia, catching up on her sleep. Tara was reading a book. Deborah, Elizabeth and I traded sections of two newspapers we picked up before leaving.

We landed at 10:07 am in Denver.

landing in Denver
photo credit: Andrea Kanakredes

It was good to be back.

We spent the remainder of the day and the overnight, at Bella’s small horse farm, to relax the horses. This morning, we returned home to North Ranch.

Will and Jas, happy to see us. Susie, Pinky and Midnight telling us their stories.

6 thoughts on “Saratoga: Coming Home

  1. Coming home is my favourite part of the journey. That’s way I prefer to stay at home… 😉

  2. Quite an exciting feat to transport the horses in your “private” plane. I bet you’re glad to be home, David. Sounds like a great trip.

    1. Don’t I wish the 777 was ours. The daughters would say the same. 🙂 Yes, it was a good trip. Girls rode well. But, nothing beats home.

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