Winter On The Range

Snow. More snow. And, more snow.

It began snowing in the pre-dawn darkness, Wednesday morning. Three days of light snow. Not terribly much in accumulation, perhaps 3-4 inches by late Thursday afternoon. The cold, not too bitter, staying around 5° F/-15° C during the overnight, around 25° F/- 4° C during the daytime. The skies were partly cloudy at sunrise, this morning. Within a couple of hours, the clouds filled back in and began snowing again.

It does make for some pretty.

Wednesday morning: line shack weathering the snow (JN Ranch/North Ranch, Dec 26 2018)

returning home: wintry, foggy drive into the JN Valley (Dec 27 2018)

Christmastime: candles in the window (North Ranch, Dec 28 2018)

The snow is forecasted to end during the overnight, before returning on New Year’s Eve. The cold is expected to continue for another week.


11 thoughts on “Winter On The Range

  1. Beautiful post and photographs, David. Maybe you can remember my thoughts about snow and like I mentioned in Tim’s post today, it only looks good on a photograph! 😉

    1. You need to adopt Mr. Bowie’s method regarding snow: curl up tight, somewhere warm and cozy, cover your eyes, and take a power nap. When someone moves, meow for a treat. 🙂

  2. Lovely photographs, especially the first one. I envy you the snow and cold weather – I’m pining to do ice photography, and the temps have been in the upper 30s here. My best to you for the new year!

    1. Thank you, Tom. Today was the thaw out day, in advance of another round of snow and cold beginning late tonight into New Year’s Day. Have a happy new year too.

    1. We did have a nice weekend. Winter, though, has returned today. Light snow and a balmy 17. Tonight will be frigid. We might do sparklers outside for New Year’s Eve.

      Many blessings for the New Year, Tina.

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