Election Day

“A day of decision,” intoned the local newscaster, “but, first, a check of the weather.”

Before the mail-in ballot, weather on election day varied considerably. Indian summer-like weather in certain years, cold and blustery in others, and a few on the wintry side. Today, nice but warm clothing required.

Colorado blue skies

The mail-in ballot has largely made the weather a non-factor. If you did not want to spend the 85 cents in postage to mail back your ballot, polling centers have been set-up to collect completed ballots. For those who have difficulty in marking their ballots, the county does have touchscreen voting machines at a pair of their major polling centers. While a few have groused about ballot security or an illegally cast ballot, vote fraud has been exceedingly rare statewide.

The Ballot

Of the races for an elected office, fortunately we’ve been spared from having white-hot, contentious ones. Just the standard mudslinging kind. If there is one thing that unites everyone across the political spectrum, it’s the ending of the incessant stream of political ads. There have been a few instances of political ads running after the polls have closed on election night; one time, the day after the election.

before the ballot:  a late night, margarita pick ’em session on paper

Half of the ballot are the various initiatives, some from the state legislature, some from petition. The “blue book” explains the various statewide initiatives – the fine-print initiative language, pros and cons, and an impact analysis (the dollar cost or savings). We largely pass on reading the blue book. The same goes for the voting guide on local initiatives, which are largely tax and bonding issues.

What has made voting on initiatives easier is the language simplification. A “yes” vote means a vote in favor an initiative, a “no” vote means a vote against an initiative. While the language used is more straightforward, at times it has muddled the aim of an initiative. Two years ago, an amendment that would have banned slavery in all forms and circumstances, including those who have been incarcerated, failed. Another amendment to ban slavery has made it onto the ballot. The language is cleaner and straight to the point – all forms of slavery are banned.

The Trump Effect

The less said, the better. Simply, he’s unfit to be president. He would also make for a poor dogcatcher, if that is an elective office anywhere.


To our friends across America, please do vote. Making a difference, being that difference, matters. Though elections are mostly decided by more than one vote, there have been instances in which a coin flip, a hi-lo card draw, or a straw drawing has decided an election. Don’t let the race you care about be the one to be decided that way.


2 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. “The Trump Effect –
    The less said, the better. Simply, he’s unfit to be president. He would also make for a poor dogcatcher, if that is an elective office anywhere.”
    What are Donald and his so snappy dear son Don Jr. actually qualified to do? And what about Jared and Ivanka? They have such impressive international diplomacy credentials/experience. It helps me rest easy knowing they are managing the Israel/Palestine conflict, as well as all other issues of international gravitas. America has been trumped and I hope it stops today.

    1. Simply a few checks need to put in place and practiced. A lot of it, though, the Repubs need to stand up to him, and say, “Mr. President, you are dead wrong.” If they don’t, their party and historical legacy will be forever lost to a two-bit opportunist hustler.

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