A wind began to stir near the witching hour. It was said it would soon begin to howl. I had to hurry inside. I knew it wouldn’t be safe in the night’s darkness. Leaves, rustled by the wind, raced past my quickening pace. In the distance, a wolf’s howl. “It can’t be,” I shouted in my mind. “There are no wolves here!” The last wolf was over a hundred years ago.

I walked faster, fearing I wouldn’t make it inside. The door, finally! “Safely inside,” I said to myself.

A muffled growl came from the darkened hallway. Then, piercing, glowing eyes. I could hear its paws and claws strike the floor in every step it took. “About time you got home with the extra candy. Not a chance I was going to give my kibble to the next trick-or-treater.”

A happy, safe Halloween to all!


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