National Donut Day

Whether you spell it “doughnut” or “donut”, it really doesn’t matter. It’s National Donut Day across America.

donuts:  in the bakery case

Miss Egypt loved her cake donuts. We bought cake donuts special for her, national day or not. Definitely, on her day and holidays. It is safe to say, Egypt would “cat-approve” this day.

Miss Egypt having her cake donut (Oct 2006)

Have a donut, or two, to celebrate and cap off your week.


With Midnight having her yearly check-up, yesterday, we mentioned National Donut Day to our vet, Dr. Ramsel, and how Egypt loved her cake donuts. Dr. Ramsel wrote a reminder to herself, using a Sharpie pen on her hand, to have a cake donut for Egypt .

For more on National Doughnut Day, read the Wikipedia article here.


2 thoughts on “National Donut Day

  1. My daughter and I had a lively debate about the correct spelling. “Donut” should be pronounced “doo-nut” amirite? Not appealing at all… 🙂

    1. Cat #1 to Cat #2 – “Do you think they’ll ever eat that donut? It’ll be hard as a rock by the time they finish talking about the proper spelling, not even will it soften in the microwave.”

      Cat #2 to Cat #1 – “I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll know what to do with the donut. After all, we spell donut as F-O-O-D.”


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