In Thanksgiving

Written by Tara Scott Westin

“Sometimes the road that twists and turns
And winds and bends, in the end
Is the road that leads you home
You’re not out there on your own” *

In the novel, “You Can’t Go Home Again”, by Thomas Wolfe, a fledgling writer has authored a successful novel of his hometown and his family. Instead of being lauded for the success of his novel, George Webber, the fledgling writer, finds himself a subject of outrage and hatred. The townsfolk feel betrayed and portrayed in an unflattering light. Wolfe had a wide-ranging discussion with fellow writer, Ella Winter, in which she remarked, “Don’t you know you can’t go home again.” Wolfe then asked her if he could use the phrase as the title of the manuscript he was working on. The Webber character finds he cannot go home again after the passage of time and resume his place in his family and his boyhood town.

While there is some measure of truth in the Wolfe novel, it runs counter to the sense of belonging attached to Thanksgiving, and other family celebrations that ties home and hearth together. Growing up, mom said, “Don’t you ever think the door to my house, our house, is ever closed. You are my daughter, whom I will always love.” When mom married David, he said the same before their wedding. “You are my daughter, Deborah and Elizabeth your sisters, Andrea, your other loving mom.”

Simply, we are a blended family. One bound by our love and faith in one another, and in God. We believe in one another, always and forever.

And, yes, we can go home.

May you have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.


* From the song, “I Made A Promise”, by Charles Fox and Allan Rich, performed by Crystal Gayle and Eddie Rabbitt. The video may be seen here.

About the author

Tara Scott Westin graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs in May 2017 with a BS in Biology (Microbiology).

A highly decorated rider with the Rustler Riding Club, Tara has won multiple blue ribbons and other placement ribbons with her horses, Brie, Cameron and Candace (Happy Girl). In 2006, she was named Comeback Rider of the Year – the only non-competitive rider in Rustler Riding Club history to win this award.


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