Independence Day

The moment was sobering for the 56 delegates gathered together. By ratifying, then signing, the document before them, each one knew they were risking all. Life, liberty, family and fortune. They were ordinary men called to a greatness larger than themselves, and with extraordinarily high stakes. Yet, John Adams said this was a day that should be celebrated with parades, bonfires, fireworks and general merriment. Nowhere else could it be found where a people have asserted their freedom, working and self-governing for the common good.

fireworks display: a sparkler fountain (Utah – July 04 2016)

Taking Adams’ advice, celebrate well – whether in your own backyard, at a parade, watching a fireworks display, or firing your own fireworks (where allowed). The politics of the moment can be set aside for a day.

a golden sunrise: this is America (Texas, May 2017)

To all our friends across America, and those defending her in far off lands, may you have a Happy Fourth!