Eyes of Expression

It is said the eyes reveals all. They are, easily, the most expressive. Whether they are “windows to the soul”, that is a topic for an expansive discussion, particularly on the cosmological level.

What do these eyes say?

Using the other saying, it is all in the eye of the beholder”.


10 thoughts on “Eyes of Expression

  1. Beautiful, all of them!

    Short because my first effort never sent off.
    I’ve got feedback on the On Paper Clinic Part two! Doing the homework all the way through, but now I’m stalling since I can’t get my feedback comment to email back out. Not sure what’s going on there. In any regard, I’ll do the last part, at the home barn footing, this Tuesday, when I go up to visit.
    I’ve selected First Level Test 1 for this. Easier with a structured, predetermined plan. I see use of the exercise already!
    And, because I’m an overachiever, I tried running it in-hand with Valiosa today. Doing it alone next time again 🙂

    • Thank you, Elinor.
      Deborah had a sense you’re an overachiever and peeking ahead in the syllabus, lol. She has a couple of exams next week, so Part 3 will come at mid-week. 🙂

      • 😉 Wishing all my best!
        This has been very motivating and fun. I’m sure I’ll be up for a surprise, too, on Tuesday trying this in the home arena… No fancy, fluffy, luxurious GGT footing up there!

        • Glad you’ve been enjoying the paper clinic. I wasn’t sure how it would translate. Also, I’m glad you find this motivating and fun. When I mentor/work with the younger riders in our program, it’s a day long session. I hate it when a newly-minted junior or novice begin crying when I tell them to do a section over again a second, third or fourth time … long as you don’t start crying, lol. 🙂

          Stay well,

          • Deborah – it translates just the way you intended it to, I’m sure of it. Today we’re having a brief break from what seems like the worst rain storm winter in Cali since 1995 – I’m heading out for a dog walk, and I will test some visualization/focus while doing it. A challenge, when there’s lots of other stimuli!
            Takes a lot to make me star crying! 😉

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