Inauguration Day

Many, including myself, hadn’t given him a chance to win. Not in the primaries, and certainly not in the general election. He would certainly self-destruct. And, he came close on more than a few occasions. He used his bluster, denials and penchant for insults to distract. His serious character flaws did not matter. His lack of knowledge did not matter. Furthering the polarization in our politics did not matter.

Today, he is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. While many bemoaned his election, he now occupies the singularly most powerful office. His proposals, vision and direction should be subject to the utmost scrutiny. He should be held more accountable by virtue of the power of his office. He should not be given a free pass just because he is the president. I have serious misgivings of his abilities to execute the duties of the office he now assumes. I have serious misgivings of his ability to be president for all Americans, particularly those who did not vote for him.

Though I personally disliked the politics and policies of President Obama, I still find him to be an interesting person. Similarly for President Clinton. Both President Bushes (41 & 43), I like very much. While you may disagree with the policies of these presidents, the one certainty that can be taken away is they tried their best, gave their best, for this nation. I do not know if the new president will do his best for this nation. I do know he is not an individual I would want to visit or socialize with. He is crass, crude, impolite and more – the very characteristics we urge our children not to learn and possess.

Some have suggested his election would reorder the status quo. The elite and the media will come to heel. The original intent of the Constitution will be restored. While he espouses these notions, he does not quite understand the federalist concepts of our representative republic. He believes he can do whatever he chooses.

He will soon find out America did not lose her greatness, and is found residing in her people. It is reflected in our values, our decency and our promise. We are far from the perfect nation but we strive to be a better nation each day through hard work, taking care of our families, and doing what is right.

America will be fine, because she is in our hands and not his.

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4 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

  1. I don’t like Trump, but I think he will do a much better job than Obama. I don’t find anything interesting about Obama. I’ve worn all black, every day without fail, for the past 25 years, so I don’t have to tell you what I think about the Clintons. I do like Bush 43. I had the honor to meet him more than once during his presidency, and I also had the please to meet Laura Bush, as well. Both are very humble and down to earth. The one thing I like about Trump is he is an outsider and he doesn’t owe any of the political influencers anything that I can tell. I find it refreshing that so many of the Washington insiders and political establishment signed on to various “Never Trump” vows, petitions, etc., so now they are shut out by his administration, which I think is wonderful. I really hope we can say goodbye to a lot of the political trash that has piled up in Washington over the past 30 years, and get back some sense of sanity.

    • An outsider, I’m not too sure about that considering he did his share of trying to gain influence through political contributions. About getting back some sense of sanity, let him set the example by suspending/quitting his use of Twitter. He uses it as often as a Twitter-addicted teen. 🙂

  2. I’ve had a hard time explaining this presidential choice to my country men. They’ve lost faith in the U.S as simple as that. As a new American citizen, I can only say that I’m fearful. As a woman, there are no words.
    I hope he will surprise us all.

    • From Matt Bai, Yahoo opinion writer:

      “When I was in Australia last summer, when Trump was just a nominee, the comment I heard again and again from the political elite was some version of: What exactly do you people think you’re doing? Do you not get how much the world relies on your stability?

      Yes, we get it. And apparently we’re tired of it. No offense, but we’re all expanded (sic) out over here.”

      From a security perspective, he’s willing to expand that power vacuum then return at a later time. What he doesn’t get is that the bad actors will fill that vacuum. And, when we do reassert ourselves, it will be at the cost of precious American blood and lives. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

      Matt Bai’s full opinion piece can be found here:

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